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Inner Work 190: Psychosynthesis and Your Inner Multiplicity


Psychosynthesis is a powerful, holistic, profound approach for psychospiritual development and healing — with vast applications for every area of your life.

In this episode of INNER WORK, I introduce you to this incredible psychospiritual model and share an exercise you can work with immediately.

Join me for a discussion of:

  • what is Psychosynthesis, and why might you want to use it on your spiritual path?
  • core concepts of Psychosynthesis and how this approach can help you
  • understanding your “inner multiplicity” and subpersonalities
  • working with your subpersonalities to resolve inner conflict, expand your consciousness, and achieve a higher state of being

Some books to explore Psychosynthesis:

The Act of Will by Roberto Assagioli

Transpersonal Development by Roberto Assagioli

Know, Love, Transform Yourself (2 volumes) by Petra Nocelli

What We May Be by Piero Ferrucci


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