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Inner Work 196: Accessing the Superconscious Realms, Part 1


When you tap into the superconscious realms, you gain access to higher thought forms, higher vibrations, flashes of intuition, wisdom, healing, and Divine inspiration.

In this two-part series of Inner Work, we’ll explore what the superconscious really is and how we can benefit by growing our capacity to tap into this higher field of consciousness.

Tune in for a discussion on:

  • what is the superconscious?
  • what are the different ways of accessing the superconscious realms?
  • what keeps us from being able to tap into the superconscious?
  • how does it benefit us to tap into the superconscious?
  • how is the superconscious realm similar to the Akashic field?
  • 13 characteristics of genuinely connecting to the superconscious field (based on the writings of psychospiritual teacher Roberto Assagioli)
  • potential pitfalls and challenges of accessing deeper levels of superconsciousness (and how to navigate them safely and responsibly)

Throughout this episode, I refer to the book Transpersonal Development: The Dimension Beyond Psychosynthesis (collected writings of Roberto Assagioli).

Thank you for being here, doing your inner work, and leading the way for others with your light. It matters!

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