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Inner Work 198: The Life-Changing Power of the Akashic Records (Interview 2)


In this new podcast series, I interview Akashic Records Practitioners to explore how working with the Akashic Records has transformed their lives.

We discuss topics such as:

  • what it means to “hear the call of the Records” (and answer that call)
  • the vast healing, personal evolution, and growth that happens when we activate the energy of the Akashic Records in our lives
  • how the Akashic Records can help us fully awaken our intuitive, multidimensional, and healing gifts – both for ourselves and to serve others
  • how tapping into the Akashic field can help us release outdated, long-standing patterns, beliefs, and attachments that aren’t serving us
  • the Akashic Records as a potent tool for psychospiritual development and to align fully with your highest purpose as a healer or lightworker

My guest for this interview is Jessie Quinby Hearns, a 2023 graduate of my Akashic Records Certification program. As a business coach, Jessie helps high-ticket coaches go from being unseen and unknown online to enrolling new clients literally in days using an automated yet heart-centered, non-pushy lead generation and client enrollment system. Through this unique system, Jessie supports her clients in creating a profitable business that’s fully aligned with their values and energy. 

She offers a limited enrollment, small group, highly personalized coaching experience for each client, in a program called High-Ticket Sales Accelerator. To explore Jessie’s work and get a free mini training, you can visit

In this interview, you’ll hear Jessie share in her own words what brought her to the Akashic Records, how the Records have changed her life, and how she is using them now in her coaching practice (and in her daily life).

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Thank you for being here, doing your inner work, and leading the way for others with your light. It matters!


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