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Akashic Records gazing opening method

Intentional Gazing to Access Your Akashic Records

There isn’t just *one* way, one method, or one prayer to access and connect to the Akashic Records.

As a vast field of energy, healing, and wisdom, the Records are accessible to us in a variety of ways and through many different techniques.

To deepen your own work with the Records – and unlock their full healing potential for you – it’s important to find the method that most resonates and works best for you.

This is why I wanted to share another way to open your Records, beyond just sitting and speaking the portal prayer.

This technique is called intentional gazing.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. Grab your favorite candle (any color or scent) or favorite clear crystal.Avoid using an opaque or dark-colored crystal for this, since you need to be able to see into and through it. Good options include a clear quartz, rose quartz, white topaz, citrine, amethyst, fluorite.

2. Get grounded and centered, in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and can fully relax. If using a candle, light it now. If using a crystal, just hold it gently in your hand.

3. Take a few deep breaths.

4. Set an intention to connect to your Akashic Records for your own highest healing good, and to receive what you most need today.

5. Speak the Akashic Records portal/opening prayer. You can use mine, from the introductory guide I sent when you signed up for this email list. Or feel free to use any variation of the portal prayer that you already know.

6. Begin gazing. If using a candle, you’ll be gazing into the flame of that candle. Follow its movements and remain focused on the flame. If using a crystal, hold it in your hand (or put it on a table or other surface in front of you) and gaze into the crystal. Notice its striations, slight variations in color or cloudiness, its angles or smoothness.

7. Continue gazing into the flame or crystal until you enter a hypnotic state, where you’re fully relaxed, open, focused, and present. You’ll know you’ve entered this state once your body takes a full, deeper breath and exhales completely, or you begin to settle deeper into relaxation. Your mind will quiet down.

8. Once you’re in this very receptive state, close your eyes and go into your Records. At this point, you might have an Akashic journey (traveling to some other place or time through the Records), receive healing energy, or receive an answer/information about a question you’ve been asking. Stay open to whatever insights and healing need to come through.

9. When the journey feels complete, return to the room you’re in and close your Records. Give thanks and savor the benefits! 

If you give this a try and want to share how it goes – or you run into any challenges – please leave a comment below.

Sending all my love,

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