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Is an unconscious contract running your behavior or beliefs?

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Dear Lightworker,

You’re not here to play small.

You’re not here to be a “background actor” in someone else’s story.

You’re not here to live out a life written for you by someone else.

You’re not here to give away your agency and power… especially your creative power to write your own story and manifest the reality you want to experience.

You’re not here to dim, shrink, or suppress yourself to keep others happy, or more comfortable, or to make life more convenient for them.

I know you KNOW all of this at a deep Soul and heart level.

And yet…

… like me, you might have some (old) patterns of suppressing your truth, holding back on some of your gifts, or diminishing your inner brilliance to avoid “standing out” too much.

How many times have we kept ourselves from doing something we really wanted to do, or saying something we really needed to say, to try to prevent others from feeling “abandoned”? (Or upset, disappointed, angry, etc, etc.)

Of course, as empaths and highly sensitive people, it’s our essential nature to be extra considerate and conscientious.

I know that you can’t help – just as I can’t help – picking up on the subtleties and depths of other people’s emotions and reactions.

This is just how we’re wired.

And, indeed, being highly sensitive in this way is a gift… which allows us to meaningfully connect with others and ourselves. (This gift is likely part of why you’re here, in this incarnation, in your present lifetime.)


… sometimes, we’re also carrying with us unhelpful, burdensome, constrictive agreements and contracts – either from previous lifetimes or created unconsciously earlier in this life.

These unconscious contracts can hold us back, limit our range of motion, and keep us playing out the same old patterns – and the same old stories – over and over.

A common contract I’ve dealt with myself and OFTEN see in the people I work with is a contract of self-suppression and/or self-abandonment.

How do these get created in the first place?

For example, if you were a gifted healer, visionary, or mystic in a past life… and you were persecuted, mocked, jailed, kicked out of the community, or even killed for your powerful intuitive gifts…

… it’s likely that you (or this past-life version of you) unconsciously made a contract of self-suppression, such as:

I vow to shut down my intuition and hide my healing gifts, so I can stay safe.

When this kind of unconscious contract is in place, it will continue to influence our behavior, beliefs, decision-making, and how we feel about (and treat) ourselves.

When I work with healers and lightworkers who are stuck repeating patterns of procrastination, fear of visibility, or downplaying their gifts (i.e., imposter syndrome)… in 9 cases out of 10, as we dig deeper we’ll uncover an unconscious contract that’s fueling these unhelpful patterns.

The GREAT news is that all of this is heal-able – once we become aware of the unconscious contract or agreement and intentionally choose, now, to revoke it.

Through the Akashic Records, we can effectively identify, unwind, and revoke these contracts weighing you down.

This opens the door for you to be FULLY here, fully authentic, feeling whole and present, standing fully in your brilliance and unique gifts.

Without hiding.

Without asking for permission.

Without diminishing yourself… so you can do your sacred work in the world.

With love,

p.s.  In my Akashic Records Certification Program for practitioners, I teach you how to safely and effectively identify and revoke limiting contracts, past life vows, and unconscious agreements – both for yourself and for the people you serve.

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