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Lightworker, this is your time

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We live, by and large, in a world that tends to privilege extroversion.

In particular, Western culture (in the places where I’ve grown up and still live – so I’m admittedly speaking through my own cultural lens here) tends to value extroversion and extroverted traits OVER introversion and introverted traits.

For instance, in many Western contexts, outgoingness, talkativeness, self-assertiveness, and an outward focus on other people (versus a focus on one’s inner world) tend to be privileged over introversion, stillness, and self-reflection.

Perhaps you’ve had some experiences – like me – of feeling undervalued, not seen, or not recognized for your introverted, highly sensitive traits growing up… or as an adult navigating the world.

Maybe you’ve even had experiences – also like me  – of being mocked, criticized, or looked at weirdly for being an introvert… such as hearing that dreaded question “why are you being so quiet??” at a meeting or social event.

(One time, an extroverted friend sarcastically announced, “Josephine, stop talking so much!!” because I was hanging back and quietly observing during a dinner party. That made me feel so self-conscious, I didn’t feel like saying anything at all for the rest of the night!)

Some of us have experienced even deeper wounds and rejections due to being introverted or highly sensitive… maybe even a core rejection from a parent who wanted us to be different than we are.

And yet…

As a highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, deeply spiritual person…

As someone who is here to embody the absolutely crucial role of LIGHTWORKER… and LIGHT-LEADER…

YOU are here with distinct gifts, distinct traits, and a distinct Way of Being in the world that cannot be replicated, cannot be replaced, cannot be fulfilled by anyone else.

You are here, precisely, to show other humans HOW to be silent…

How to be still…

How to focus inward and go within…

How to slow down (even when the whole world is tempting them to speed up)…

How to learn to be with themselves…

How to travel through their inner depths…

How to face, accept, embrace, and heal ALL parts of themselves, unconditionally.

If *you* don’t help them learn and practice this… who will?

Your gifts and skills of intuition, empathy, deep self-reflection, your capacity to be still – these are SO incredibly needed in the world today.

These are needed so you can guide others to create pockets of stillness within themselves, so they can find out Who They Really Are.

So they can begin connecting to that powerful divine silence we ALL have access to, through which we can receive the deepest inspirations, insights, and transformative awarenesses.

So, how are you putting your gifts and skills to use?

How are you using everything you have within you (and everything you ARE) to lead others to their awakening?

This is the time (in our planetary evolution) to bring everything you’ve got to the table – to fully own, claim, and embody your deepest multidimensional gifts.

The time to fully HONE and refine your skills, to the highest possible level.

You showing up in this way has the power to change the world.

With love,


p.s. In my Akashic Records Certification Program, I show you how to fully TURN ON your multidimensional, intuitive, and healing gifts…

So you can step into your highest-level purpose, heal yourself, and powerfully assist others on their journey of evolution.

Interested in joining us for the next round?

Program details can be found here. Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions.

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