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Moving beyond unconscious empath and unconscious healer patterns

The Weekly Seeker #20

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Being an empath is a huge gift.

It means you have an innate capacity to deeply attune yourself to others and to the environment around you.

You can pick up on subtle nuances, shifts in mood, energy levels, and things people are feeling even before they’re aware of it themselves.

These gifts of empathy can therefore make you an extraordinary healer – someone who can go into tender, vulnerable, profound, emotional places with people and truly understand what their experience is like.

Your empathy can also help you sense and know, intuitively, what’s at the root of people’s challenges, issues, and complaints… and how to assist them in the process of healing, releasing, gaining awareness, and moving forward.

Indeed, the world desperately needs these gifts – your gifts.

At the same time, I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the challenges of being a deeply empathic being.

Can you relate to some of these “unconscious empath” patterns?

  • Unknowingly (or knowingly) carrying other people’s feelings, problems, trauma, or wounds
  • Taking over-responsibility for others
  • Trying to fix, rescue, or save others
  • Giving all of your time, energy, and inner resources to others (especially clients who seem to come to you always in crisis mode)
  • Having a long-standing pattern of feeling drained, exhausted, raw, or even resentful because you’re giving so much and not receiving enough
  • Having experienced burnout and compassion fatigue at least once in your work as a healer/practitioner/coach

If we allow these patterns to leak into our client work, they can interfere with our capacity to joyfully serve our clients at the highest level they deserve. (And the highest level that makes it nourishing for us in return.)

You have to be willing to work through these unconscious empath (and unconscious healer) patterns so you can show up as your most resourced, grounded, wise, competent Self for the people you serve.

A particularly unhelpful pattern I’ve seen in myself and in many of my student practitioners is attempting to soothe, fix, or carry our clients’ emotions for them…

… which means we might not allow enough time or space in our sessions for clients to fully feel, express, and process their emotions.

It might also mean we energetically (unconsciously) convey a lack of trust and lack of confidence in our clients’ capacity to BE with their feelings, whatever they might be in the moment. This is unsettling for clients and doesn’t support them in learning how to acknowledge, own, and flow through their emotions without fear.

As healers, we must continually do the inner work on ourselves and bring greater consciousness to the ways in which WE need to evolve, heal, let go, set boundaries…

… so these unconscious patterns don’t leak into the meaningful and transformative work we’re here to do.

An important question to ponder today, if you so choose:

Are any “unconscious empath” or “unconscious healer” patterns leaking into my work with clients? If yes, what inner work must I do to support myself in showing up at my highest, clearest level?

This is our ongoing focus as healers (who are also empaths).

Lots of love,

p.s. I’d love to help you become a fully resourced, grounded, and confident healer/spiritual practitioner, so you can harness the full power of your empathic gifts… without over-giving, over-caring, or burning out. Explore my Akashic Records Certification Program here.

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