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Not feeling at home on planet Earth: a message for you, interplanetary soul

Have you lived most of your life with the sense that you don’t quite belong here, on planet Earth?
That perhaps Earth is not your home base?
That the way humans do things is often baffling or confusing?

These are common feelings and experiences for those of us who identify as interplanetary souls.


Interplanetary Souls and Earth-Based Souls

An interplanetary soul is a soul that originates somewhere outside of planet Earth, in another star system, planet, or dimension.

In contrast, an Earth-based soul is a soul that originates on planet Earth, and therefore feels much more grounded and at home on this planet.

Neither type of soul is better or worse than the other. They each have their distinctive advantages and challenges.

For an Earth-based soul, it can be easier to live life among humans on Earth… but it might be more challenging to connect to a spiritual dimension and see things from a higher vantage point.

For an interplanetary soul, it can be easier to connect to the spiritual dimension and lean into one’s intuitive gifts… but it can be more challenging to deal with the day-to-day realities of life as a human.

This post is written for you if you identify as an interplanetary soul, or if you suspect planet Earth is not your home base.


An Alien in a Strange World

Growing up with a feeling that you don’t belong here on Earth can be a tough, isolating, confusing experience.

Perhaps as a child or teenager you felt like you didn’t belong with your family. Or with the community in your hometown. Or with the people in your church. Or with your peers at school.

Maybe now, as an adult, you feel like you don’t belong with your community at work, or in your neighborhood, or in your immediate or extended family.

More generally, you might have a feeling that the way humans do things is foreign to you.

Like you’re an alien in a strange world, dropped here from some other (maybe kinder?) planet.

Interplanetary souls are often baffled by human-made systems and institutions, especially ones that can be dysfunctional and corrupt – including political systems, governmental systems, educational systems, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry. Among others.

It can also be challenging to navigate money and finances in the human dimension, particularly if your soul comes from a planet or star system where the currency is different, there is a barter culture, or money isn’t necessary.

If you’re both an interplanetary soul and a highly sensitive person (HSP), it can be extremely upsetting to witness other humans mistreating, judging, criticizing, or belittling each other. Of course, experiencing this firsthand – being belittled, judged, criticized, rejected – can be shattering and traumatizing. It can make you lose all trust in other humans.

You might feel like this is something you’re here to fix or change – this lack of empathy that humans often have for each other.


The Loneliness of Awakening

So, first, I can completely understand and relate to your feelings of not belonging, of being confused about how to navigate human life. Or even feeling like life as a human is overly dense, repetitive, laborious, mundane.

(I mean, doing taxes and washing dishes and driving cars back and forth and making your bed every morning and getting up the next day to do it all over again… it can feel like we’re living on this mind-numbing autopilot sometimes.)

I can relate so much to your feeling that planet Earth is not your home. Of not even knowing where your home truly is.

This can be a disorienting feeling, especially when you first awaken and begin to realize you’ve been living your life automatically. Just doing what everyone else does. Maybe following some pre-determined set of steps: grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, buy a house, get a dog or two, get a promotion if you’re lucky and work hard, go on a few vacations, retire.

Or something along those lines, in whatever order your culture or society or family has laid out for you.

Waking up to the realization that you don’t belong on Earth because you’re not from Earth can feel lonelyespecially if you grew up in a family or community of mostly Earth-based souls, who seemed to fit right in and never questioned their place in the world.

So, yes, we must honor your feelings of loneliness, grief, resentment, confusion, shame, or any other emotion related to this sense of I don’t belong. These are valid and tender feelings. They matter, and you must allow yourself to feel them fully.


Your Unique Evolutionary Mission

Second, even though your Soul is not from Earth, you are here for a reason. You came here for a specific purpose, to fulfill a mission or learn something important you couldn’t learn any other way.

This mission is an integral part of your soul’s evolution. It is an evolutionary mission.

Perhaps part of that spiritual mission for you is to learn how it feels to experience loneliness. To experience a lack of belonging. To understand what humans go through when they have those feelings and thoughts about themselves, when they feel separate and unlike everyone else.

Maybe you’re here to help others feel less lonely, or to create your own community in your own way. (You’re certainly not here to be a follower, so maybe you’re meant to be a leader in some way.)

Maybe you’re here to help humans be more responsive, more empathic, more caring with themselves and with each other. To be more understanding. To not be so dysfunctional or caught up in the mundanity of daily life.

Perhaps you’re here to help humans create deeper meaning in their lives – beyond just doing taxes, washing dishes, driving cars, getting up begrudgingly in the morning to go to work, living on autopilot.

Maybe you’re here to help humans create deeper meaning through your poetry or music or art, through your healing or therapeutic work, through how you interact with others on a daily basis, through how you speak or how you lead by example.

You’re here to help other humans wake up, in your own way. Help them wake up to themselves, to their intuition, to the spiritual dimension, to their bigger and deeper and higher purpose.


You Don’t Need to Belong

And maybe you don’t need to feel like you belong on Earth to do the work you’re meant to do here. Maybe you can be on Earth loosely, softly, joyfully, consciously… without having to completely attach yourself to this planet. (Because you are going back home eventually, once your lifetime and work here are complete.)

Maybe you can live here, spend this lifetime here, without putting pressure on yourself that you have to belong or fit in or be more “normal.”

What if your weirdness, your alien-ness, is actually part of your natural gifts and soul blueprint? Just the way your soul expresses itself through you?

What if your lack of belonging here can give you a vantage point, a different perspective, some detachment with which you can see through human dysfunction, corruption, and injustice?

Your point of view is desperately needed. Your weirdness, uniqueness, and ability to perceive things in a different way are your most powerful gifts. You came here into this body, into this lifetime, into this planet to share those gifts – not to hide them away.

So maybe your feeling that you don’t belong here on Earth is not a detriment or a flaw. Not something you need to fix.

Maybe it’s part of your strength, part of what makes you you.

If you reframe it, maybe this feeling of not belonging here can be something you carry with you more lightly… without giving it so much weight or so much negative attention. Maybe you can think of it this way:

I feel like I don’t belong on planet Earth, likely because my soul is not from here. My home is elsewhere, and I’m here on a temporary mission to do some good work and learn what I need to learn. I know I’m going back home eventually, so I’ll make the most of my time here.


Our Universal Connection (we’re all weirdos, really)

Remember, too, that there are many other interplanetary souls out there. And empaths. And highly sensitive people. And people who feel alone or like aliens.

In a broader sense, all of these souls are part of your community. You are connected to them through the vast, collective energy that makes up this Universe.

They might feel lonely at times, too. They might feel like they don’t belong. I know I do – I feel that all the time. And I feel lonely, as well. Sometimes it hurts.

But I don’t take it so seriously, and I allow it to pass and move through me. I remember that I’m not actually alone.

I’m supported at all times by a wise, loving, divine presence within me and all around me. I’m connected to every soul – and every other human – at all times. You are, too.

And you’re here for a reason. Don’t stop seeking to discover what that really is, and how you can fulfill your mission and purpose while you’re here.

I’m sending you lots of love and care. We’re in this together.

your fellow interplanetary weirdo,


p.s. if you’re looking for a place and community that will give you a sense of deep belonging – of truly feeling seen and heard – please check out my Akashic Records Certification Program. (I teach this once or twice per year in a small group.)

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20 thoughts on “Not feeling at home on planet Earth: a message for you, interplanetary soul”

  1. To experience loneliness. To experience a lack of belonging. This quote from your post is “ME.” I have always felt I never “fit in ” since a young age. Now being older and in poor health, I just want to go “home ” I realize many people feel this way.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Richard, thank you for reading my post and sharing your perspective and experience. I’ve always felt that too, and feel it to this day. Perhaps there’s something good in not fitting in… as it allows us to remain true to ourselves and maybe see things from a higher vantage point (because we’re not so attached to mainstream beliefs, value systems, ideas, etc). At the same time, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the world feeling this way. I’m sending you lots of support and care. I strongly believe there’s a purpose for you being here.

  2. I distinctly remember telling my sister while I was probably 6 or 7 years old that my mom and dad were “the wrong parents.” I have never felt that I truly fit in anywhere or with anyone with whom I have lived, and yet, since I have had several past life regressions, I feel confident that I have experienced many, many lifetimes here on earth. One of these experiences even left a small weird birthmark in this lifetime. Are these past lives merely imprints donated by the soul and not really personal past lives, or is it possible that one can be a starseed and yet still have spent enormous time here?

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Linda, thank you for reading my post and sharing your experiences. I absolutely believe you can be a “starseed” (or interplanetary soul) and have spent tens, hundreds, or thousands of lives on Earth. As long as you still have some work to do here, as part of your evolutionary mission, you will continue to return to Earth and spend time here. (Which is true for all of us.)

  3. Hii ..i seems you are talking about me ..i stil feel alien type not fit in my surroundings or anywhere’s like being guest on this planet earth but want to go to my real home , the urge is thr limit things ..we talk and earth bound souls don’t understand and we become the object of fun ..I have limit my interactions and i feel happy ..feel good when I connect with like minded souls ..they understand and we don’t have to filter anything before saying.. since childhood I had this urge that I’m born to do something big it wil help human in great way and people use to laugh ..but I knew in my heart this is God letting me know through my intuition and I’m happy I’m doing so .. previously I was like why I’m not like others and after some years I was like I’m happy I’m not like them ..we end up being alone but this is the time we really enjoy ..being alone and feeling lonely are two different things ..we feel alone but not lonely have explained it very nicely very clearly in very simple way .. thank you so much for sharing this with us …I wish lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of happiness on everyone’s way in everyway forever

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Priya! Thank you for reading this and responding with your feedback and perspective. I agree that being alone and feeling lonely are two very different things, and as sensitive souls we often need a lot of alone time to re-charge, ground, and center ourselves. I spend a lot of time alone for that reason, and it’s so nourishing. I love your realization that you don’t need to be like anyone else and you can be happy being yourself. So happy this resonated with you! Sending lots of happiness and love back to you.

  4. The email about this post landed in my inbox on a day I was feeling this so sharply, I couldn’t read it. I still struggle with words on this, which is not like me. The grief and the loneliness are so profound. It is especially difficult when I get attached to an idea, or a person, or a home base of some sort. I feel temporarily understood and like I have found a spot to rest, but something always goes sideways. I have spent years trying to adjust myself to fit these confusing rules, especially about relationships and money. And I’ve given birth to 4 children who also seem to struggle here, physically or emotionally. It’s tiring. And I have the old voices in my head from a religious upbringing that tell me I am being punished or tested because I am not good enough. There is a lot of pain there.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Shannon, your description of this is so vivid and I can feel your deep emotions here. I’ve also been baffled by the strange rules of human relationships, money, and living in linear time (or trying to anyway). I’m so sorry you were taught through religion that life has to include punishment and being “tested”, and that we can’t ever be good enough. It’s painful to carry those voices inside our heads. Since this is a such strong experience for you, it feels like perhaps there’s something here you can powerfully help others with – as you know, the deepest wounds we’re healing in ourselves are often the wounds we’ll be able to help others identify and heal. I hope you can give yourself lots of care and love as you work through this, while honoring the feelings you’re carrying right now. They are valid.

      1. Love I’m finding all this. I have always felt out of place & no place has ever felt like home even when I was lil. I don’t feel connected to my family really..I love them all but feel I don’t belong & I definitely feel alone! It’s not a fun feeling. I have extreme anxiety & wonder if it is connected to this & I always have thought I’m not from here. A woman who does reiki told me I felt that way was because I’m not from here. I would love more input on this.

        1. Josephine Hardman

          Hi Ann, I’m so glad this topic resonated with you and could perhaps explain some of your experiences. You’re not alone in this! (Many of us feel similar things.) The best place to go to explore this is Dr. Linda Backman’s book Souls on Earth — it’s all about interplanetary past lives and learning how to harness your unique gifts and understand your purpose for being here. Wishing you all the best!

  5. Hello,
    I’ve always felt somewhat different and disconnected from the mainstream in school and work. I’ve also had allergy issues most of my life. I also have always had a very strong ability with pattern recognition in technology and music. I’m now in my mid sixties and have completely immersed myself in exploring human origins and spirituality. I am fascinated by time/space, multi dimensional theory, sacred geometry, past lives, remote viewing etc. I also have an instinctive drive to expose corruption and unjust control/suppression of essential spiritual truths and the evidence of non human higher beings.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Drew, thank you for stopping by to share some of your story with me (and for reading my article). I relate to SO much of what you say here — feeling “out of place” at school and traditional jobs, having strong and specific gifts in technology and music (for me also language/literature), and that powerful drive to bring corruption and injustice to light. Perhaps we come from a similar place, beyond this Earth! At any rate, thank you for sharing and being so open about your true, authentic nature.

  6. Marie Valgardsson

    Wow! I just have to keep coming back to your website just to check in. You see there is a big part of me that is a child who just cannot understand the world. Now with this war in Gaza I am just beside myself with anguish for the children especially. I am so alarmed that I cannot even be in the same room with people who justify this war! I adore children and relate to them so well and I have always been this way. However I have never been keen on past lives etc yet at the same time I am so keenly aware of how different I am from most people. Do you have any recommendations for me?

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Marie, thank you for coming back to the website and sharing your experience. I know MANY of us can relate to the strong feelings you have around this issue. It’s so tough to stay grounded as a human sometimes! As a next step, I recommend reading Linda Backman’s excellent book Souls on Earth.

  7. Hi Josephine – reading this article (and others) with great interest. One question here – you wrote “…even though your soul is not from earth…”. Is any soul really FROM earth? (or from anywhere besides ‘the Source’.?) The idea that ‘souls’ are different due to ‘geography’ does not instinctively match what I think of when I consider the transcendental nature of a soul.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Rick! This article assumes the hypothesis set forth in Linda Backman’s book Souls on Earth that some souls are interplanetary souls (i.e., have a “home base” somewhere other than Earth), while others are Earth-based. We could debate this all day, and of course we can each have our own inner understanding of this and what rings most true to us. In my case, I do believe some souls can be “Earth-based” and therefore these souls while in a human incarnation feel a greater sense of belonging, community, groundedness, etc as they experience a lifetime here on Earth. At the end of the day, of course we all spring from the same source – Divine Source – and there is no separation between one soul and another. These are just some ideas we might consider through our spiritual curiosity and desire to “know” more!

  8. Lately I’m getting flashbacks of being young in the back of my parents car I was always looking to the sky saying “please take me home” . Recently I’ve started feeling like this again. I just find myself staring above and wondering when I’ll go home. I’ve never shared this with anyone as yes I’m afraid of their reaction. This article has made me feel I’m not alone and my feelings are warranted. My role in life is mainly around caring for people so hopefully I’m doing the job I’m supposed to be doing. Thanks for the article!

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Caroline, thank you for meaningfully sharing your experience and how this article spoke to you. Many of us share your feelings of wanting to “go home” and feeling like Earth is ultimately a temporary place for us. It sounds like you’ve found a deep purpose in caring for others… and I also hope you’re lovingly caring for yourself when you need it. Thank you for stopping by and finding value in my writing!

  9. This is exactly how I have felt my whole life but only recently had a flash where I realised I was too different to have come from thus planet and have always considered myself to be on the outside, looking in. An observer. People tell me I am ‘different’ in a good way but are not able to explain what they meN. Your words have cleared this all up. Thank you. My know that I am destined to travel alone, despite having a family.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Pamela, thank you for stopping by to read this and share how it resonated with you. Many of us share your experience of feeling like outsiders or like we don’t quite “fit” on planet Earth (and in our human families). I’m so glad to know my words meant something to you and perhaps explained some of these feelings.

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