Free Akashic Records Mini Course


An Evening of Tarot + Akashic Records

Join me for a collective healing event using the power of the Akashic Records + the Tarot.

Each attendee will have one individual card pulled, either for general guidance or to answer a specific question (questions will be submitted in advance via email after you reserve your spot).

*A recording of the meeting will be available for attendees within 48 hours of the live event.


Friday, November 15, 2019
6pm Eastern (US) - plan for us to go between 75 & 90 min.
Where? We'll meet via Zoom or another webinar platform (you'll receive a private link to access the event via email). I will appear on camera and you will interact via chat. Please note: this is NOT a sales webinar, so there will be no pitches at the end. This is a space for spiritual community and collective healing. 
Investment: $37

(Keep scrolling for more details & to reserve your spot.)

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During our meeting, we will...

  • discuss how the Akashic Records work, what they are, and how you can begin to connect to your own Records
  • check in with the collective planetary energy and what's coming up to be healed in our lives
  • open the Records for a collective message
  • pull individual Tarot cards for each attendee (for general guidance or to answer a specific question submitted in advance). Please note, if you're submitting a question in advance: make sure your question is open-ended (i.e., not a "yes or no" question), self-focused (not focused on anyone else), and that you're ok asking and receiving an answer to this question in a public format (i.e., small webinar).


Please contact me directly to register. Thank you!

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Your Host

Hi! I'm Josephine. I have a PhD in English Literature and I taught college for 9 years before transitioning to full-time spiritual work. I'm a second-generation intuitive healer, Tarot reader, and Akashic Records reader & teacher. I love working with highly sensitive and empathic women, because I am one. I'm also certified in Reiki, Angel Therapy, and Energy Healing.

"Thriving is what was meant for us on this earth. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birthright as women."

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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