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Purefield Radio 013: Disease, Energy, and Western Medicine

Purefield co-owners Pat and Josephine engage in a lively discussion on physical dis-ease from the point of view of energy medicine. We discuss both the advantages and limitations of Western medical interventions, as well as the alternative solutions and tools provided by holistic and mind-body-spirit approaches. We tackle the complex topic of so-called “incurable” or “chronic” health conditions and share some of the ways in which we’ve dealt with our own health challenges. 

To learn more about Pat and her healing work in Florida and around the world, visit To learn more about Josephine and her Purefield location in Massachusetts, visit You can also reach out to us with your own stories, questions, and comments at Thank you for listening!

During the episode, we refer to the pioneering work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. You can check out his website here and/or purchase his ground-breaking book You Are The Placebo

Caveat: we are not medical doctors and do not claim to diagnose or cure any health conditions. Please see your doctor if you’re in pain or experiencing acute symptoms.

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