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Purefield Radio 025: The Highly Sensitive Empath

Empaths are “emotional sponges who absorb both the joy and stress of the world,” according to psychologist Dr. Judith Orloff. Growing up as an empath, you may have frequently heard that you needed to “grow a thicker skin,” “not take things so personally,” and “not be so sensitive.” In this episode, I explore life as an empath and how we can nurture our sensitivity to overcome challenges and use our gifts to heal ourselves and others. I also investigate the difference between a highly sensitive person (HSP) and an empath, highlighting the areas where these two categories overlap.

During the episode, I mention Dr. Judith Orloff’s book The Empath’s Survival Guide. (I highly recommend it if you identify as an empath and have never read it!)

Dr. Elaine Aron’s book The Highly Sensitive Person is another great title to add to your reading list. Thank you so much for listening!

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