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Re-connecting to the Higher Truth

The Weekly Seeker #23

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I recently released a podcast episode on moving beyond the paradigm of “not good enough” (you can listen to that here).

This limiting and harmful paradigm is perhaps the BIGGEST illusion we’ve bought into as humans…

… this false belief that we’re not good enough.

This false idea that there isn’t enough to go around… that abundance, money, love, and goodness are somehow limited.

We’ve been programmed – in many conscious and unconscious ways – to hold this dysfunctional belief that if someone else manifests something we want or desire, there’s less for us to have.

We can also buy into the opposite notion – that if WE manifest beautiful and abundant things in our lives, we’re somehow taking away from someone else (or leaving them behind).

These are all 3D illusions.

We internalize these false ideas when we incarnate into physical bodies and FORGET the Higher, Divine Truth.

The Higher Truth is that we’re all part of the very fabric of this Universe…

… that we are all interconnected…

… that there is NO lack…

… that you and I (and everyone else) are inherently worthy and perfect just as we are. Right now.

As you walk the path of personal evolution and lead others to awaken, it’s so important to strengthen your capacity to reach for the Higher Truth.

You’re here to be a Truth-seeker, a Truth-teller, a Truth-holder.

You’re here as a steward and voice for the Higher Truth of this Universe.

You’re here to remind others of the Higher Truth, especially in their moments of self-doubt and confusion.

It is truly our separation from Higher Truth – our blind loyalty and attachment to false beliefs (such as “I’m not good enough”) – that has led to the state of chaos, disconnection, and delusion we often we see reflected in the circumstances of human reality.

Therefore, it’s our re-connection to Higher Truth that restores our sense of direction, our strong and steady inner compass, our clarity of vision and purpose, our authentic power, our feeling of wholeness and unity with all-that-is.

As with everything on the spiritual path, reaching for and returning to the Higher Truth of this Universe – which is also the Truth of who and what you are, beyond your limited human personality – takes practice, persistence, and commitment.

Sometimes, it feels easier to reach for the Higher Truth – to quickly remember and KNOW that you’re worthy, you’re lovable, all is well, abundance flows all around you and through you at all times…

… other days, it feels more challenging to break through the fog of unworthiness, the sting of self-criticism, the seductive (and painful) illusion of “I’m not good enough.”

On those days, what you can do is notice whatever emotion, belief, or old pattern is arising in you…

… normalize it… breathe with it… understand it for what it is…

… and make the DECISION that you will reach for the Higher Truth anyway.

This is our daily work as conscious beings here to assist others evolve and awaken.

If we don’t do it… who will?

With love,

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