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woman walking towards healing impostor syndrome

Impostor Syndrome and the Fear of Being Seen


In this healing journey, we clearly define what "impostor syndrome" means and how it has been holding you back. I then guide you through a process to dialogue with and heal the part of you - your inner impostor - that has been carrying this fear of being seen, being rejected, or being exposed in some way.

By the end of this journey, you'll feel lighter, freer, and much more empowered to be authentically you and share your brilliance with the world.

Downloadable 57-minute audio $25

akashic records open book with light rays

Journey into the Akashic Records


In this 40-minute audio, we dive into the Akashic Records - what they are, how they work, and how you can use them for healing. We enter a meditative state as I guide you in a deep journey into the Records. You will have the opportunity to connect to the Records in your own way, find your individual Record (your "book"), ask a question, and receive healing on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

Client Testimonial: "The MOST powerful meditation journey I've ever experienced. The end in the healing room was so powerful I began sobbing. I will journey there again. I plan on doing so once a week." - Patricia Ulrich

Downloadable 40-minute audio $25

Clearing Ancestral Patterns, Contracts + Burdens


In this powerful guided journey, we'll create a healing and protective space to clear dysfunctional ancestral patterns, contracts, and burdens from your physical body, energy field, and bloodline. I'll guide you through releasing ancestral contracts and burdens stuck in each of your energy centers (or chakras).

Client Testimonial: "I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful meditation. I have done it several times over the past few weeks and found it extremely liberating. Thank you for sharing such valuable healing techniques with us."
- Angela B.

Downloadable 40-minute audio $20

heal people pleasing approval addiction

Guided Healing to Release People-Pleasing and Approval Addiction


In this healing journey, I guide you through a process to release people-pleasing and patterns of seeking validation and approval from others. We create a safe, uplifting space to connect to the most vulnerable parts of you - including your Inner Child and any parts of you that might have developed people-pleasing as a coping or survival mechanism.

Client Testimonial: "I bought and listened to your guided meditation for people pleasing. I've never had any meditation affect me the way this did. There were tears and I was able to contact my inner child. I'm just amazed at how this touched me so deeply, and it was only my first time doing it!" - Lisa T.

Downloadable 35-minute audio $20

josephine hardman healing journey cloud sky with bright lights

The Outsider's Journey: Healing the Wound of Rejection + Activating Your Outsider Gifts


In this healing journey, I guide you through a process to better understand, honor, and connect with the part of you that has ever felt excluded, rejected, cast out, unwanted, or unlovable - the outsider part of you.

We explore this archetype and fully activate the unique gifts and power that come with being an outsider, such as clear vision, creativity, and non-conformity.

Downloadable 40-minute audio $20

past life regression spiritual healing Akashic Records

Past Life Regression


In this guided healing journey, I walk you through a past life regression. We'll begin with an induction process to help you enter a receptive, calm, fully aware state. I then guide you into the most relevant past life for you today - a past life with unfinished business or unresolved wounds - so you can heal it and move forward with confidence and peace in your current lifetime.

Through a series of specific questions, we'll gather wisdom and insights about how this past life has shaped you and why it is still relevant for you today.

You can use this audio many times to journey into past lives that still need healing, closure, or that hold important information for you.

Downloadable 35-minute audio $20