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Shedding human density through the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records give us access to a field of higher consciousness beyond the human and egoic dimension.

Tapping into this field enables you to connect directly to Divine Source and to your own divinity and inner knowing.

Every time you journey into the Records, you come back home to yourself – to your essential, loving, wise, powerful, authentic state… which is who you really are.

Indeed, the more time you spend in the Records, the more human density you shed.

“Human density” can include things like:

  • egoic attachments
  • dysfunctional patterns, coping mechanisms, and defense mechanisms
  • limiting beliefs and belief systems
  • core wounds from childhood / the past (e.g., core wound of rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, etc.)
  • familial, social, cultural, and religious conditioning that doesn’t serve you
  • energetic debris you’ve picked up from living in a human body in the 3rd dimension
  • past life trauma and unfinished business
  • draining or co-dependent etheric cords keeping you tethered to certain people, places, relationships, and situations (or keeping you tethered to the past)

All of this can be released and transmuted by doing healing work in the Akashic field.

The Akashic Records are also a tool for psychospiritual growth and expansion, supporting you in raising your frequency and upgrading all of your systems – including your energy system, nervous system, physical body, emotional system and capacity for emotional regulation. 

By working skillfully with the Records, you can fully awaken your intuitive and multidimensional abilities.

One of the Records’ key qualities that facilitates all of this – and that can accelerate healing processes that would otherwise take a LOT more time and effort-ing – is that they’re held in a vast field of infinite possibilities and infinite potentials…

… a field of unconditional love, acceptance, wisdom, clarity, and creativity.

My students often remark, at some point in their journey with the Records, that they’re struck by the state of neutrality they’re able to achieve through their interaction with this field of consciousness.

Neutrality is an important concept on the spiritual path.

When you are neutral, you can remain calm and adopt the stance of curious, detached observer. 

When you are neutral, you’re not attached either way, you’re not attached to any outcome or timeline, you’re not attached to getting a specific answer or result.

You’re not attached to other people reacting to you in the way you want them to, or attached to them being different than they are.

In this state of genuine neutrality, you can observe everything around you – and everything that’s happening WITHIN you – without getting triggered, without needing to urgently fix or change anything. 

This gives you tremendous power in your capacity to remain centered and at peace regardless of what’s going on around you, or in the world.

AND… from this more detached, centered, neutral place, you can more effectively receive accurate and useful info from the Records, and from your inner knowing.

You can access that more easily and without so much stuff – so much static, noise, and emotional reactivity – getting in the way.

From here, you can navigate life with an unshakeable source of grounding, wisdom, and divine connection – consistently and reliably available to you.

This is the power of the Akashic Records.

With love,


p.s. In my Akashic Records Certification Program, I teach you how to ignite the power and energy of the Records in your life, how to receive accurate guidance and information, effective techniques for guiding yourself and others through healing work in the Records… and MUCH more.

It’s a deeply transformative experience, requiring you to lovingly show up for yourself and open to the breakthroughs, shifts, and powerful expansion that the Records have in store for you.

Are you feeling the call of the Records? Explore becoming an Akashic Records Practitioner.

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