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Spiritual Business Coaching Through the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vast archive of information about your soul’s journey.

Every time your soul incarnates into a physical body (by choosing to come down to Earth), a new “chapter” or “record” is created in your personal Akashic Records. These Records can be accessed by trained readers and healers through intuition, clairvoyance, and specific protocols. (If you’re interested in learning how to access your and/or other people’s Records, explore my Certification Program here.)

The Akashic Records in the context of spiritual business coaching

So, how is it helpful or productive to use the Akashic Records in the context of spiritual business coaching?

#1: Healing imposter syndrome

The Akashic Records can help you heal imposter syndrome, which is often defined as a persistent state of not believing in your own gifts and worth.

Imposter syndrome can significantly affect your quality of life by making you feel insecure, incompetent, and inadequate compared to other people.

If you’re a healer or spiritual entrepreneur, imposter syndrome can keep you from taking important actions to grow your business, putting yourself out there, and feeling confident about the work you do.

How can the Akashic Records help?

Exploring your Records with the help of an experienced coach or healer is often an uplifting and empowering experience. You can rediscover gifts that you lost or suppressed in past lives and clarify what your Divine Purpose is in this lifetime. The Records can also help you reconnect to a sense of powerful self-worth, embodied presence, and self-confidence.

Every time we go into the Records, healing happens on many different levels: emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual. Shifting to the higher plane of consciousness of the Records — which holds infinite amounts of light — can have the effect of clearing out old baggage and helping you feel at home and powerfully confident in your body.

In the setting of business coaching, going into the Records can also provide you with practical steps, resources, and homework to move beyond imposter syndrome and develop a healthy sense of worthiness about who you are and the gifts you bring to your clients.

To go deeper into this topic, read my post “Healing Imposter Syndrome Through the Akashic Records.”

#2: Uncovering past life contracts & unconscious agreements

Past life contracts are vows and promises you’ve made in past lifetimes that are still active in your life today. These contracts cause suffering, keep you stuck in a “loop” of dysfunctional patterns, or prevent you from moving forward. (You can read more about past life contracts here.)

Unconscious agreements have more to do with promises you’ve made to people in this lifetime, at an unconscious or unintentional level. For example, you might have an unconscious agreement with your mother to never outshine her or to always keep your mouth shut to avoid conflict. You might have an unconscious agreement with your partner or spouse to never make more money than them or to keep the peace by suppressing your own needs. You get the picture!

How can the Akashic Records help?

These past life contracts and unconscious agreements are often running the show, even when we’re unaware of it. In business, these types of contracts and agreements can keep you from making money, attracting clients, filling your programs or courses, and doing fulfilling work.

Going into the Akashic Records can help to shed light on the most significant and problematic contracts that are still activated in your energy field. This makes it possible for you to clear those contracts (through a specific protocol) and choose, intentionally, what you’d like to experience from now on.

#3: Understanding your “stopping point”

Your stopping point is basically the place where you STOP yourself from growing, evolving, and taking important actions that will produce results for your business.

This stopping point keeps you safe, protected, small, and stuck inside a limited box.

Your stopping point keeps you recreating the same pattern or experience over and over. For example, the experience of not having enough clients. Or the experience of wanting to grow your business but always feeling confused/overwhelmed about which actions to take. Or the experience of sabotaging your efforts to become more visible (cause deep down you’re really scared of being more visible!).

(Read more about your stopping point and how to move beyond it here.)

How can the Akashic Records help?

By shedding light into the WHERE, WHY, and HOW of your patterns of self-sabotage (as well as when they first originated), the Records can help you bring more awareness to them so you can release them.

Your stopping point in business often has something to do with fear. Going into the Records can help us ask the question: “What am I really afraid of?” Then, you can face that fear head on (gently and lovingly!) and make a different choice when the fear rears its ugly head. The Records can help you build resilience, courage, and confidence to move beyond your stopping point and take important actions to grow your business… instead of allowing what has stopped you before to stop you again.

#4: Clearing out past life trauma

If you’re a healer, spiritual teacher, or witch in this lifetime, it’s very likely that you were one in a previous life as well (sometimes in more than one life!).

If you used your gifts and magic in a past life to heal others, shift consciousness, wake people up, and/or support yourself, it’s possible that you were killed, persecuted, banished, arrested, or tortured for it.

These types of traumatic past life experiences become etched in your energy field and even at the level of your DNA. You carry these experiences, these traumas, with you until you become aware of them and release them. These past life traumas often fuel your fear, anxiety, stress, and resistance when it comes to building your spiritual business NOW.

How can the Akashic Records help?

The Records are a very helpful tool for retrieving past life information. Exploring your past lives, which are archived in the Records, can help you address any past life trauma that needs to be healed. By combining the Records with energy healing work, we can clear out traumatic events from your timeline and remove blockages, debris, leaks, and other obstructions in your energy field.

#5: Letting go of exhausting to-do lists and connecting with a clear, unique business blueprint JUST FOR YOU

There are so many resources for entrepreneurs out there today — more than ever before. Of course, this makes it easier for you to learn, take courses, try new things, and implement new strategies to grow your business.

But what about when you find yourself in information overload? (Also known as information paralysis?)

One course tells you to do paid ads.

Another course tells you to NEVER do paid ads and focus on organic search instead.

Yet another course or webinar or PDF or tutorial gives you a step-by-step blueprint of how to grow your business and get more clients… but it feels really draining, or yucky, or out of alignment with you, or just plain boring. Not like something you wake up excited to do.

How can the Akashic Records help?

The Record Keepers — the beings of light who work within the Records — want for you to claim your power, sovereignty, and inner authority. They want this for you more than anything else. The Records can help you let go of exhausting to-do lists, other people’s blueprints and roadmaps, and strict “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” about how to grow your business.

As you let go of these external voices and roadmaps, it can be really scary… how will you know what business decisions to make? Well, here’s the thing: the Records can help you connect with your inner CEO — your inner badass, Divine Feminine, wild woman, powerful, aligned CEO — and listen to her voice instead. Make that voice the most important source of clarity and guidance in your life.

Working with the Records can help you make BIG business decisions (like whether to invest in a high-end program) and SMALL business decisions (like what kind of content will most resonate with your people today) with crystal-clear clarity and confidence.

You’ll also find that listening to your inner CEO and following her guidance will produce the most abundant results for your business.

With love + to your success,

If this post resonated with you, I invite you to schedule a discovery call to explore how we could use the Akashic Records together to grow your business in an aligned, ethical, and powerful way. I’d love to connect with you!

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