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Stay focused on your purpose (no one else can do it)

The Weekly Seeker #21

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As you walk your path of awakening…

… it’s so easy to get derailed.

So easy to get distracted from your purpose.

So tempting to get sidetracked with things that don’t really matter.

For example – by focusing on what other people are doing, not doing, saying, not saying.

Focusing on what other people think YOU should be doing and saying (or not doing / not saying).

Focusing on whatever happened yesterday, or a year ago, or what might happen next week or next month.

Getting pulled back into old patterns and old relationship dynamics – like codependency, people-pleasing, making yourself small to keep others happy, silencing yourself to avoid conflict, overgiving and overdoing for others to the detriment of your Self.

As healers, changemakers, and light-workers…

… we cannot afford to get derailed.

We cannot afford to get sidetracked or pulled into petty, meaningless, time-wasting, energy-wasting, unhelpful ILLUSIONS.

As an agent of transformation – as someone who leads the way for others with your Light – you must hold steady to the Truth.

You must live by example.

You must commit yourself to cut through, see through, and break through illusions, wherever you recognize them – both in the external world and within yourself.

It’s our sacred work to break through (and shatter):

  • The illusion of separation: so we can remind ourselves and each other that we are NOT separate; that we are all part of the very fabric of this Universe – which interconnects and unites us
  • The illusion of ego: so we can remind ourselves and each other that we are Divine beings of light… far greater, wiser, broader, and more expansive the ego selves we’ve constructed to survive in human society
  • The illusion of fear (i.e., fear in all its forms): so we can remind ourselves and each other that fear is unnecessary, because fear is simply our reaction to getting caught up in the past or jumping ahead to the future – which we can counteract by staying peacefully, mindfully, consciously rooted in the present moment
  • The illusion of not-enough: so we can remind ourselves and each other, first, that WE are more than enough just as we are… and, second, that abundance flows everywhere around us and through us – there’s more than enough to go around, at all times

What other unhelpful illusions are you shattering, both within yourself and in the outside world?

And which (potential or real) distractions must you eliminate from your life, so you can carry forth doing your Divine work here?

I encourage you to notice the kinds of distractions that come up for you over the next week…

… both internal distractions (like getting hung up for hours or days on someone’s criticism of you) and external distractions (like when we allow time-sucking activities, chores, or “unexpected” requests from others to drain our energy)…

… and make a plan for how you will eliminate, or at least minimize, them moving forward.

You must fiercely SAFEGUARD enough space, time, and energy in your life to fulfill your Divine purpose here. No one else can do it.

With love,

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