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Taking Your Power Back: A Manifesto for Spiritual Sovereignty

sovereignty [noun]: supreme power or authority; a self-governing state.
“how can we wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people?”

This is a lifetime of reclaiming your spiritual sovereignty. It’s time to transcend the temptation of giving your power away. You must confront head on your fear of being powerful and of blinding others with your light.

You’ve stayed in the shadows, playing a role in someone else’s story, for too long. (Possibly many lifetimes. Me too.)

This is a lifetime of taking center stage and fully realizing your potential on all levels — especially your potential as a Healer.

No More Idols

One of the greatest temptations in giving your power away is to put others on a pedestal.

Worshipping idols, or idealizing others (through which you turn them into idols), is part of an old paradigm.

When you idealize someone else, you create a limiting and painful hierarchy of superiority/inferiority. You also rob them of their humanity, because you turn them into flawless statues. You then cast yourself as inferior to these statues.

From this moment on, idealize no one. Not your parent or teacher or president or lover or healer or any external authority or figurehead.

The time has come to look for — and find — your inner authority.

This doesn’t mean putting yourself on a pedestal and pretending to be superior, which would just be another side of the same coin. But it does mean remembering that you can follow an inner voice, an inner compass, and inner guidance directing you where to go next.

You don’t need a teacher, mentor, parent, podcast, course, or lover to tell you where you must go next. You already know.

Seek Only More Clarity

Should you look for a teacher or healer, make sure that your intention for doing so is clear and powerful.

Don’t look for a teacher with the intention of giving up your authority or ownership over your life.

Don’t look for a teacher with the intention of being told what to do (or how to do it).

Don’t look for a teacher if you feel inferior, less than, unworthy, or desperate. Deal with those feelings first, and then look for a teacher from a more empowered place. It’s easy for egoic or narcissistic teachers in the spiritual community to smell your fear, unworthiness, and desperation — and they will unconsciously latch onto that and take advantage of your weakened position to make themselves feel powerful and needed. (No one is doing this on purpose, for the most part, but you must be careful anyway.)

Do look for teachers with the understanding that they can’t give you anything you feel you don’t have. Teachers can’t fill a hole in you or miraculously make you feel worthy and competent and confident. They can’t magically imbue you with healing qualities or cultivate your gifts for you. All of this must be your own work.

Do look for teachers to seek further clarity and to deepen your knowledge, but always knowing that you will take what resonates and leave the rest (not everything they offer you will be useful or resonant for where you are — that’s ok).

Do look for teachers with discernment and a clear set of criteria. The true spiritual teacher will be characterized by wisdom, humor, integrity, presence, humility, clear boundaries, self-respect and respect for others, and unconditional love.

You will know the true teacher because you will feel better after being in their presence, every time.

The true spiritual teacher will demonstrate whatever they teach through their actions. Their life will be a breathing testament of their integrity and alignment — or lack thereof.

When looking for a teacher, observe from a distance for a while and make sure their actions match their words.

Do not seek teachers because you want them to give you “the answers”. Only seek teachers to increase your own receptivity, knowledge, clarity, and power.

If you sense that a teacher tries to take your power from you by making you feel inferior, immediately cut any cords to that teacher and examine your own patterns. Where else must you take your power back and resist the temptation to idealize others?

No More Gurus

In our modern world, there’s no real need for gurus.

You have access to more knowledge and information than ever before. Most importantly, you have access to your own intuition, wisdom, gut feelings, and inner compass. (If you don’t have reliable access to these things right now, make it a priority to work on this.)

When you make someone else a guru, you’re giving them your energy and power and admiration. You’re creating an unequal power structure. You’re putting all of the “answers” and value and worth outside of yourself. You’re denying your own divinity and inner knowing.

Resist the temptation to turn others into gurus.

Resist the temptation to ask anyone else for permission.

Spiritual maturity means becoming a sovereign being in all senses of the word — not asking mommy and daddy (or teacher) for permission, but taking aligned action when and how it feels right to you.

Only a child must ask for permission, mostly to avoid punishment or earn praise. Break the “good girl” (or “good boy”) pattern!

You must transcend the fear of punishment or rejection and take center stage in your own life.

You must clearly identify your soul’s calling. This is the intangible (or tangible) thing that fires you up and makes you feel most alive. Identify what this is and then DO IT.

Guard your calling fiercely, and make time for it. This calling is what will give you purpose and make your life more meaningful. It will draw abundance to you like a magnet.

But the spark will be extinguished if you make yourself small, silence yourself, and convince yourself that you must ask for permission first.

Becoming Sovereign

Becoming a sovereign being requires some hefty inner work, but the rewards outweigh the effort.

Here’s my manifesto for attaining spiritual sovereignty:

1 – Look only inside yourself for the answers you seek. If you choose to work with a teacher, make sure you’re only doing so for greater clarity and support — not for someone else to give you the answers.

2 – Leave behind the old paradigm of asking for permission. This is a parent-child dynamic where you perpetually cast yourself as a small, uncertain child trying to please mommy and daddy. (Or trying to avoid punishment, or both.)

3 – Detach yourself from others’ attempts to manipulate, coerce, confuse, or drain you. This includes not only people in your inner circle but people in general and also the media. People will try to unconsciously do these things all the time, often without noticing (for example, trying to manipulate you through passive aggressive behavior). Become hyper-aware of your reactions to others and work on your own triggers without blaming anyone else.

4 – Establish a daily practice of spiritual hygiene and fitness. Use your muscles of intuition and inner knowing every day. Connect to something bigger than yourself. The specific tools (Tarot, Akashic Records, Oracle cards, runes, journaling, etc) and setting (yoga mat, desk, kitchen table, out in the woods) don’t matter as much as making this a  persistent practice.

5 – Do not interfere in others’ healing processes. Trying to rescue or save others drains your energy and prevents them from becoming sovereign beings themselves. Allow them to learn their own lessons, offering support if you wish (in a measured way).

6 – Resist the urge to idealize others or to perpetuate unequal power hierarchies where you’re either inferior or superior to someone else. See yourself and others as uniquely gifted, irreplaceable, and part of a larger whole.

7 – Notice any tendencies within yourself to “time travel” back to the past or into the future. Do everything you can to stay in the present moment, open to the unfolding possibilities of right now.

8 – Assert your needs, desires, likes, and dislikes with confidence and clarity. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t expect others to read your mind. Don’t wait for others to state their preferences for you to say what you want, out of fear that your wants will be wrong or stupid. Treat yourself and others as having equal value, equal rights to exist and to be, equal rights to express yourselves, and equal rights to speak up when something doesn’t work for you.

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Taking Your Power Back: A Manifesto for Spiritual Sovereignty”

  1. LOVED this manifesto, Josephine! It’s such an important reminder for those times when we let our self-sovereignty slip.

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