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22 Tarot Affirmations from The Fool to The World

Tarot affirmations are wonderful not only for learning what each card is about, but also for helping us shift old beliefs and align with divine wisdom. This post offers you 22 Tarot affirmations, one for each card in the Major Arcana, from The Fool to The World.

Feel free to tweak, rewrite, and tailor these affirmations using the language that most resonates with you.

  1. The Fool
    “I am reborn with the confidence to follow my dreams. I trust that the Universe will support me unconditionally on my path.”
  2. The Magician
    “I carry the energy that creates worlds within me. I can use my mind and focus to create whatever I desire effortlessly. My dreams become reality.”
  3. The High Priestess
    “I see beyond the veil of illusion. I trust in my own intuitive insights and wisdom. I no longer rely on others for guidance because I know what’s best for me.”
  4. The Empress
    “I deserve and enjoy my abundance. I am fertile in all ways. My creations spring forth into the world easily and joyfully.”
  5. The Emperor
    “I am stable, solid, and organized. I lead others with clarity and vision. I demolish obstacles through my perseverance and wisdom.”
  6. The Hierophant
    “I uphold my sacred values and question the traditions that no longer serve me. I am my own spiritual authority and I make wise spiritual decisions.”
  7. The Lovers
    “I love and integrate all aspects of myself. I see myself through the loving eyes of Source. I nurture my relationships and express my feelings honestly.”
  8. The Chariot
    “I move forward with ease and speed. I take aligned action without hesitation. I write my own story and choose my destiny actively.”
  9. Strength
    “I transmute lower emotions into wisdom, compassion, and courage. I know when to speak up and when to retreat gracefully.”
  10. The Hermit
    “I go within to activate my own wisdom. I use my inner light to illuminate the path for others.”
  11. The Wheel of Fortune
    “I know good things are coming to me. I understand and respect the cycles of my life. I make my own fortune.”
  12. Justice
    “I forgive myself and others understanding that all deeds have karmic and cosmic consequences. I act and speak with integrity.”
  13. The Hanged Man
    “In stillness, I develop my unique gifts and reconnect to Source energy. I surrender the illusion of control and I trust in divine timing.”
  14. Death
    “I release the old and embrace changes in my life. I understand that nothing is permanent. I thrive through constant expansion.”
  15. Temperance
    “I am balanced and in harmony. I synthesize all aspects within myself. I ask my Angels to guide and inspire me.”
  16. The Devil
    “I reclaim my power and confidence. I release all limiting thoughts, ideas, habits, behaviors, and addictions. I cultivate more playfulness in my life.”
  17. The Tower
    “I let go of what doesn’t serve me and build new, stronger foundations for the future. I welcome positive change and transformation.”
  18. The Star
    “I am fully aligned with Source and the universe. I love myself unconditionally and I give myself permission to shine.”
  19. The Moon
    “I explore my shadows fearlessly. I recognize my subconscious patterns and motivations. I draw power from the natural forces of Mother Earth.”
  20. The Sun
    “I am playful and vibrant. I see the world through the eyes of a child, with wonder and joy. I have everything I need.”
  21. Judgment
    “I heed the call of my Soul. I make time and space to follow my true calling. This is the perfect time to do what I’ve been putting off.”
  22. The World
    “I complete my projects and tasks with ease. I celebrate my achievements. I am whole and complete.”

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