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All of these testimonials have been provided by my clients and students over the years.

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From Clients

I have been working with Josephine for multiple years now, and I cannot praise her highly enough! Every session with her has been an expansion for me. From dreamwork to visualizations to homework after our Akashic Record sessions, she has been an angel in my life unsticking me from multiple ruts that I have been in. This is true collaborative work, but her gifts coupled with her ease in connecting with people make her a joy to work with. For me, Josephine is a lifeline when I need added clarity or need to be held by the hand and perhaps see things in a different light.

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Kathryn Wyatt

My experience with Josephine was simply wonderful from start to finish. I appreciate her professionalism during the intake process to ensure that I was ready to receive information from my Akashic reading. I felt an easy connection with Josephine during our session due to her kind, compassionate and down-to-earth personality, and this created a safe container in which to receive the messages I needed to hear. Josephine is highly intuitive and the abundance of relevant and invaluable insight that she relayed during our Akashic reading is helping me move forward more purposefully on my life path. I cannot recommend Josephine highly enough!

Beth Duplaga

My work with Josephine in the Akashic Records was profound, and went straight to the heart of the key issues that were causing challenges and “stuckness” in my work. She is a powerful healer who will support you in seeing and moving through what you need to do, without trying to do the work for you or encroaching on your own process. She was able to hold the space for me to connect with a higher truth and find a new ease and space around responsibility and life path challenges that I had not been able to access on my own. For anyone who is ready to accept full responsibility for their own healing (and the empowerment that comes with doing so), I highly recommend her as a guide and masterful support.

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Rachel Hardy

My work with Josephine over the last two years has given me a clear connection to my own inner knowing which serves me in every area of my life. Using the Records and tarot, Josephine helps me see an eagle-eye perspective that aids in my healing and growth. Yet our work together is always grounded in clear, practical next steps that empower me. This combination of deep intuitive healing AND a focus on practical next steps helps me feel more integrated as a sensitive, creative, highly ambitious woman. I've already recommended her to many friends.

Chana Porter

Hi Josephine, hope all is well! 

It’s been about 6 months since I had an Akashic Records session with you, and I wanted to update you on something we’d discussed that has recently been fulfilled.

One of the questions I’d asked was, “Is working in government aligned with my highest self?”, and the Tarot card you pulled for that question was the 10 of Cups. We discussed that this position matches with me energetically, that it’s a fairytale ending card, and that I could be an advocate for families there (with the happy family on the card).

Very happy to let you know that I’ve been working in government since late May, and it’s been such an amazing experience! If families or people need any help, they call the office, and I’m the one who helps process those concerns. So — I’m directly helping families, just like we discussed. And it’s been incredibly fulfilling and uplifting : )

Thank you so much again for our Akashic Records session — I’m really glad to have worked with you. It gave me the push to apply to the position, and it’s incredible how well everything’s worked out!

Aurelia J.

Thank you so much! Wow, what a session!! I really did not expect it to be as good as it was. The things you mentioned were very accurate to how things are in my life. You made the whole experience wonderful and you explained very well to ensure I understood what you were telling me. I am looking forward to doing all that you suggested I do [homework from the Akashic Records]. I'm very grateful to have been able to work with you. You are so friendly and it felt like I was talking to a friend.

Harvir Hanspal

When we first started working together, I had a lot of doubts whether the spiritual work I wanted to do was possible. After working with Josephine, I shifted a lot of mindsets that have allowed me to not only see the possibility of it working, but it's become more of a certainty that I just need to get in alignment with.

I'm good at helping people zero in on their ideal clients, but I have a difficult time doing the same for myself. Coaching with Josephine helped me identify my ideal clients, their pain points, and also helped me design how to create a program to help my ideal clients. It has also helped me reframe my attitude around what I consider "success" in my business.

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Victoria Melchor

I was introduced to Josephine through the work she was doing with another healer and it has changed my life! I was going through a very difficult time with the ending of an abusive relationship that left me emotionally devastated and desperate for recovery. I did not fully understand what an Akashic Records session would include but I was in so much emotional pain, I was willing to try it. Even though I was working with a spiritual healer, cranial sacral practitioner and a therapist, the catapult of my recovery really took place in my sessions with Josephine. Being in the presence of the open Records was tremendously healing along with Josephine's ability to interpret them and coach me through the information received for me. Her insight not only helped me to understand the dynamics of the abusive relationship but also provided insight into my past lives. I had a history of the same type of abuse in my family and Josephine's readings provided an understanding of those experiences as well as the past lives involving some of those family members. I am in awe of her ability and the insight I have gained through my sessions with her.  

Vickie N.

I had never heard of the Akashic Records until discovering you. However, I knew that it would be invaluable for me to have a reading. I had always thought of Akasha as the 5th element, and now I have a deeper understanding of how I believe spirit "holds all things." After our reading, my flow of new thoughts and knowing have definitely moved me to a higher plane. I'm already putting your and the Record's suggested practices into place and considering my life in a broader, bigger, and expansive view. I feel like a kid at Christmas who's been given the "go ahead" to pick and choose anything and everything I want!

Deirdre Hard

Lots of gratitude, dear Josephine. What a good journey it was, I learned so much from you!! You always said the right thing I needed to know at that moment. I have certainly gained more confidence in my own ability to do Akashic Record readings as well.

Thank you for being such a friendly, sweet guide along this journey. I enjoyed every session we had together.

Subha Nistala

I really feel how my Akashic Records reading has shifted my thoughts and life to living more in alignment with what makes me happy. I have been working towards completing tasks and understanding my values in a way I've never been able to before. Healing through the Records has such a huge ripple effect. Thank you for helping me focus and realign!

Lizzy Carol

Each Akashic Record reading that I’ve had with Josephine has been transformative. She gets messages that are so specific and clear that it feels like having a conversation with the Records through a very gifted translator. Each reading felt like a complete reset where all of my pending and undefined doubts and questions were soothed and clarified. And the best part is that she’s incredibly kind, compassionate, and fun to work with. I seriously recommend getting readings with Josephine, they will lovingly clarify everything you need.

Mercedes C.

I was lost, afraid. My mother in the late stages of Alzheimer's, my family falling apart, and me stuck in a loop of heartbreak and horror. Late one evening, Josephine's beautiful website appeared before my eyes. It was a higher power at play, a miracle drawing us together. Josephine, in her deeply skilled ways, teaches me to lean in to my emotions, to transmute my anger and fear to compassion and love, and to stay open so that I can feel and trust the Light all around. Her expansive perspective and multidimensional approach is the therapy that I needed to shift my loop. I am forever grateful for Josephine's support.

Kim McCarthy

My experiences working with Josephine have been insightful and positive. Her knowledge and connection to the Akashic Records, along with her strong intuitive gifts, have taught me how to access my own Records and help me move forward on my spiritual journey. She has taught me valuable tools to heal my current life traumas and to work through a past life contract and to release old energy. In doing so, I am happier and feel a joy in my heart that I have never felt before. I highly recommend Josephine’s services to anyone seeking help and understanding of their own journeys and to strengthen their gifts.

Shari Jacoby

Josephine's Akashic Record sessions are powerful and transformational. They cut right to the truth of the matter. Getting rid of past life contracts has cleared the way for me to make more empowered choices. I'm happier and more at peace than ever before.

Sara Murphy

Although I had no idea what to expect during my Tarot reading, Josephine gave me a clear picture of how my past was instrumental in forming my current experiences. She also gave me an idea, as a result of the cards chosen, of how to improve myself by focusing on my internal strengths and confronting any suppressed emotions. I'm encouraged to release my fears, move towards more light, and trust myself as well as my spirit guides in order to create my best self!

Francie Sabell

From Students

The Akashic Records Program taught me how to trust my inner voice and knowing. How to recognize and work through blocks and get past the river of self-doubt so that I can connect with my Higher knowing and Divine guidance. All of the protocols we covered are very important and necessary but the most important part for me has been the undivided attention, reassurance, and coaching through this process. Josephine was always completely present for our sessions and responsive to any issues, concerns, or experiences I shared. And the responses were thoughtful and full of insight. I'm very grateful.

After completing the program, I plan to offer professional readings as a stand-alone service and eventually also offer an integrated session that includes the Records and Evolutionary Astrology.

Katy Chappell

In the Akashic Records Certification Program, I loved the discussion of my practice sessions, both accessing the Records solo and when I worked with a practice subject. It was so helpful to discuss how it feels to access the Records, how to get more information, and how to clarify your questions. The feedback and support from Josephine made reading the Records feel really approachable and possible

This program was essential in providing the tools needed to access the Records. It was clear, approachable, and provided an incredible depth of knowledge. It made something really abstract, very clear and tangible. I loved that we discussed how to work with the Records in my personal and professional life and integrated that into the program. 


Dr. Alyssa Adams

The Akashic Records Certification Program taught me to trust in myself, my knowing and my abilities... no matter what. To stand firm in my readings, even if they are not understood in the moment. Creating the ability to heal my own self which then gives way to helping to heal others was the unexpected goal of this program. I went in to the program wanting simply to learn how to access the Records and came out with a treasure chest of tools and insights and a new language for both my own and others’ healing.

Kathryn Wyatt

The Akashic Records Certification Program opened my eyes to so many possibilities as to why certain things and events are taking place or have happened in my life. Soul contracts, vows, etc... It also taught me how to heal these issues for both myself and with clients when they come to me for this work.

I really felt that Josephine covered all of the program's topics at length. She answered all of my questions, and there really wasn't anything more I could have asked for. It was so amazing. I was so grateful Spirit brought us together at this time so that I could learn from her.

Desiree Adoree

The most helpful part of the Akashic Records program was the fact that you were holding such a clear, solid, and pure container of integrity and honoring of the deep work with the Records. Having this sacred foundation be the container for the program allowed for everything else to unfold in a deep, clear, and transformational way. The program helped me meet all of my goals. I am now able to: 1) Read my own Akashic Records, 2) Read others' Akashic Records and support them in realizing their life purpose, and 3) Facilitate contract/cord cuttings and be a clear channel for this.

Sara Arredondo

Having that one-on-one mentorship throughout the Akashic Records Program proved to be extremely valuable to me. This helped me build confidence in myself with reading the Records (very quickly). I cannot stress enough how empowering this has been in my healing journey. Also, in terms of giving professional readings in the future, this has given me such healing in having deeper interactions with people as well as the confidence in being able to do this for others.

Jen Fena

I signed up to work with Josephine after following her on Instagram for a few months and participating in her monthly card reading challenges. I knew she was the one I was going to work with as I was called to start my Akashic Records journey. I had dabbled previously with guided meditations but was always frustrated with how limited they felt. From Josephine, I wanted to learn protocols and how the Records worked. Also how to access them for myself and for others. I learned this and so much more. She tailored everything to my natural abilities and helped me expand on skills that I didn't know were laying dormant until I really got into it all. I never felt overwhelmed. Building gradually over 4 sessions was the perfect pacing for me. I know I will be working with her again.

Sine Mairi

The Akashic Records Certification Program taught me to never doubt myself, to know that I am capable of doing anything I want to do/be/achieve and that I am a divine being. This was huge for me!

The program was extremely well put together and thought out. Josephine went out of her way to create amazing, in-depth notes and the calls were always informative and educational. She allowed sufficient time for integration between calls and also allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed, which was really helpful. I also feel that having a safe space allowed me to explore my gifts and allow them to start opening up. This led to me building a deeper trust within myself which facilitated a deeper healing for me.


Anonymous Student

I had been feeling a pull to learn the Akashic Records and to become a reader at the beginning of this year (2019) and tried to wing it and self-study, but was getting frustrated at my lack of progress. I had researched several online programs and was either put off by the cost and/or the delivery method. I realized I needed someone I could learn from that was effective and flexible. After a ton of googling a variety of online courses, I stumbled upon Josephine's website and decided to immediately schedule a Discovery Call. After our conversation, I was really impressed that she taught the class personally one-on-one and not like the other courses I had seen that were based more on downloaded recordings. I also liked the flexibility of the four sessions spaced out as the course progresses. Josephine's having been certified since 2012 was also impressive and she just naturally has a great straightforward and no-nonsense way of communicating that I definitely appreciate. To better understand her style of reading, I booked an Akashic Record session with her first. After experiencing such a great reading and all the insight she provided I knew right away that I would want to sign up for her Akashic Records Program. I'm so glad I did, because it opened up and accelerated so much more for me than trying to learn on my own. I am still working on my certification, but I feel I was put on the right path when I discovered Josephine's course!

Vera Takakura

The Akashic Records Certification Program gave me the tools and the confidence to give readings professionally. Now, when I have a session scheduled with a client, I can relax knowing that I am being guided by divine purpose, and that I am meant to help the right people at the right time. One of the most important things I learned (and this was through the teaching and the experience) is that it is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. We deal with really vulnerable topics in our clients' lives, and not everything that we share with them is going to be "positive." By embracing discomfort, however, the work is truly transformational and can completely change the lives of others. After completing the certification, I have decided to give professional readings and coach others on how to open the Records.

William Fogarty

Through the Akashic Records Program, my intuition has expanded more than I could have ever imagined. The program allowed me to be non-judgmental about the way I do my readings. Trusting what I see and feel. It feels more empowering. 

Jazmine Lopez

The Akashic Records Certification Program taught me how to trust myself, how to break past life contracts, and allowed me to express my own individual touch in reading others. It helped me understand how each individual reading is different and how each time I access the Records for myself, I am different. I am now planning on using the Records as part of my professional practice.

Heather Faucette

The most helpful part of the program was having Josephine working with me one-on-one and using her incredible intuitive skills to help me through the process. She was available to me whenever I needed her and responded quickly, thoughtfully, and in depth to every question. I also especially liked the contract work because it was so relevant to my healing.

I have learned so many important things that I don't think I can choose just one. For example:

  1. To be able to sit with myself quietly and listen to my higher self.
  2. Revoking of vows and writing new contracts.
  3. Believing in my self worth and being whole just as I am.

Anonymous Student

I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for the Akashic Records class but I knew with Josephine teaching it, it would be a good experience. Josephine has a way of making learning easy and is very supportive and informative. The class was an excellent experience for me and I would highly recommend it. I feel that I got a very important tool to help guide me in my life. Josephine is the "real deal" and her intuitive abilities are so helpful. I can't wait to see what she offers next!


Kathy Adams

I'm very glad that I took advantage of the opportunity to take the Akashic Records class. The information was presented to us clearly through Josephine's direct and down-to-earth approach to the subject. She shared her knowledge and experience in such a way that it was not intimidating at all. I've been able to experience better meditation than ever, and I feel much more grounded and understanding of my journey. I've used what I learned primarily for my own purpose and I look forward to being able to expand on it all.

Stacey H.

I would highly recommend Josephine to anyone who may be looking for a spiritual teacher, Tarot readings, or any class she might be offering! The information she channels through the Tarot has been on point for me and has brought clarity and insight to what is happening in my life. It's clear Josephine truly wants to help, heal, and educate her clients through a practical, down-to-earth, loving way.

David Rosen

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