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The 7 Deadly Sins Tarot Spread

Here’s a fun and surprisingly illuminating spread to explore your *sinful* nature. And your divine nature, as well! Use any deck that speaks to you. Draw one card per position/question. If you need further guidance, pull a clarifier (an extra card) at any point.

1. Lust

How can I open up to more pleasure in my life?

2. Greed

What’s blocking my abundance right now?

3. Wrath

Am I carrying any repressed anger or upset? How can I release it?

4. Gluttony

How can I better nourish myself?

5. Envy

How can I stop comparing myself to others?

6. Pride

How can I celebrate myself today?

7. Sloth

What can I do to step up or expand my self-care this week?

Happy shuffling!


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