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The Healing Power of Understanding Your Past Lives

This isn’t your first lifetime — you’ve had many past lives.

With the rare exception of people who come into this lifetime as brand new souls, we’ve all experienced many past lifetimes. Generally speaking, your Soul makes the conscious choice to enter into each lifetime to learn specific life lessons, release old karma, and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. This is what the “wheel of reincarnation” is all about.

The thing is, you need to be in a human body to learn the lessons that your Soul (and Higher Self) needs you to learn. You can’t learn them any other way.

This means that you’ve incarnated in a human body more than once. Probably an almost infinite number of times.

Here’s how Brian Weiss, past life regression therapist, describes the process of reincarnation:

“Our bodies and our minds are the masks our real self – the soul – wears in the physical world. When we die, we remove our masks and we rest in our natural state. We return home to the spiritual realms. Here we are renewed and restored. Here we reflect on the lessons of the life that we have just left. Here we are reunited with our soul companions across the centuries. Here we plan our next lifetime on the earth. When the time and circumstances are right, we don new masks – a baby’s body and brain – and return to the physical state. We continue learning our spiritual lessons until the need to reincarnate is no longer necessary.”

So, what about your past lives? How do they influence your life, personality, relationships, and decisions today? Are there any aspects of your past lives that need to be healed? How can understanding your past lives help you heal and move forward more consciously today? This article will answer these questions and give you an overview of the healing power of understanding your past lives.

Deja Vu, Old Souls, and the Sense of “I’ve Been Here Before”

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt you knew them long ago? Or quickly bonded in a really deep way, as though you were sisters, friends, or partners before?

Or been to a place that felt oddly familiar, as though you had lived or visited there before?

Or had the sense that a specific moment or situation in your life was repeating itself?

Or seen a fragment or image of a past life in a dream, visualization, or meditation?

These are all signs pointing to your past lives, which are not really lost but actually recorded in the archive we call the Akashic Records. In these Records, there’s an archive of each of your past lifetimes, which can be accessed by a professional Akashic Records reader or by yourself if you learn how to access your own Records.

When Past Lives Are Problematic

It’s important to explore your past lives whenever they’re causing problems in your current lifetime.

Typically, there are three different kinds of problems that might arise from past lives:

Past life trauma

This refers to any past life situations, events, relationships, or experiences that were traumatic (including death, illness, accidents, catastrophe, war, loss of a loved one, religious or spiritual persecution, and so on). These past life traumas leave a mark on your energy field, which can show up as tears, holes, blockages, or leaks in that field.

You might experience these traumas as physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental symptoms in your current lifetime. As an obvious example, let’s say that you were a warrior in a past life and you were shot/wounded in the shoulder. You might experience that as a frozen or painful shoulder in this lifetime.

As another example, let’s say that you were a nurse in a past lifetime and you made a mistake that resulted in the death of a patient. You might experience this on an emotional level as anxiety or a “caretaking compulsion” (where you take care of everyone else all the time) in this lifetime.

Past life contracts made about yourself

In past lives, we often make contracts and take vows about our own behavior — especially the kind of behavior and choices we will allow ourselves to make in the future. These might include vows of poverty, abstinence, self-sacrifice/martyrdom, obedience to external authority, playing small, or not “rocking the boat” with anyone in your life to avoid conflict.

One of the most common vows I see with clients is the vow of giving up one’s intuition (i.e., “I will never use my intuition again”). This vow is made after experiencing trauma in the form of persecution, death, or punishment for practicing your divine or spiritual gifts in a past life (such as clairvoyance, healing, working with the Tarot, herbalism, etc).

Past life contracts made with others

We also make contracts with other people in our past lives. Especially when you have intense relationships, you can make contracts of never abandoning someone, or always carrying someone with you, or always waiting for someone, or always putting someone else ahead of yourself (even at the cost of your own well-being and sanity).

When you meet this person again in your current lifetime, the contract is re-activated. This means that you begin to live out the terms of the contract again, which can lead to an unhealthy, co-dependent, volatile, or difficult relationship.

Benefits of Understanding Your Past Lives

Understanding your past lives can benefit you in many ways. For example, it can help you:

Let go of guilt, blame, and shame

As you understand your past lives (and current life) from a higher perspective, you can gain a clearer sense of the choices you made then and the choices you’re making now. You can begin to notice how certain events or situations in your current lifetime were almost inevitable, given the choices you made in past lives. This can help you release any guilt or self-blame you might have about where you are today. It can also empower you to make more intentional choices and let go of old patterns, habits, and self-judgment.

No longer feel trapped or helpless

One of the greatest benefits of working with your past lives is that this can bring a feeling of expansion and timelessness to your current life. You no longer feel trapped or as though you have no say in what happens to you. Exploring your past lives can help you see the bigger patterns in your life. As Brian Weiss says, “Our symptoms and fears have carried over from previous lifetimes. There is always hope for us once we realize we are more than just a particular body and brain.”

Understand your Soul purpose

When you start asking questions about your past lives and the lessons you learned there, you can get an idea of your Soul purpose in this lifetime. Your Soul chose to incarnate this time for a specific reason, so working with your past lives can help understand what that reason might be. This is especially true if there are unresolved lessons or issues you’re still meant to work through from past lives.

Revoke limiting past life contracts

Working with the Akashic Records, I often help people revoke past life contracts that are keeping them stuck in their lives now. As we saw above, these might include contracts of poverty, self-sacrifice, putting everyone else ahead of yourself, or people-pleasing to avoid conflicts. They might also include contracts you made with other people, which can lead to unhealthy or problematic relationships in this lifetime.

If this article resonated and you’re ready to start doing this work, you can request an Akashic Records Healing Session with me. I’d love to connect!

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