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The Law of Interconnectedness

The Weekly Seeker #2

The Law of Interconnectedness.*

This Law states that we are karmically interdependent and interconnected.

In most of our modern societies, it feels like we lead separate lives. Like we’re separate individuals, concerned mostly with what’s going on immediately around us.

It might feel like whatever I do affects only me, or perhaps just me and the closest people around me.

This is not so.

What I do or don’t do – whatever it is, in whatever way – affects the whole. It affects me, those closest around me, and every other living being on this planet. (Maybe other planets as well.)

This isn’t about being arrogant, or being full of oneself, or having delusions of grandeur. It’s not about going around believing “whatever I do affects everyone because I’m so important.”

It’s not about being “important.”

It’s about remembering the Law of Interconnectedness – I am connected to you, you are connected to me, we are all connected to each other. In fact, we could go further to say we’re not just connected, but we are made of the same energy and we are expressions of the same Divine Source.

We are interdependent.

We are, ultimately, One.

I am affected, in some way, by the ripple effects of your choices. You are affected, in some way, by the ripple effects of mine.

No matter how hermit-like or isolated or separate we might be (or feel), there isn’t one human on this Earth whose actions and choices are happening in a vacuum.

Everything you choose, everything you say, everything you think and write and do or avoid doing – it all matters. It all affects the whole.

This isn’t meant to scare you or paralyze you, but to ensure you understand your meaningful place in this Universe. You have a place here. You have a purpose here.

With every thought, every action, every word, every choice – you have an opportunity to contribute to humanity’s evolution. With your thoughts, actions, and choices, you can contribute to your own inner peace, sanity, love, creativity, resilience… or you can feed your inner fear, anxiety, confusion, judgment, misery.

Whatever you feed and grow in yourself, you’re also growing for the rest of humanity. (Because, again – Law of Interconnectedness.)

Practice pausing and asking, perhaps 3 or 4 times per day:

  • Is this thought, choice, or action contributing to my own peace and the peace of humanity?
  • Or is this thought, choice, or action feeding a sense of fear, anxiety, and disconnection within myself and, therefore, for my fellow humans?

Becoming spiritually awake and choosing to evolve as much as you can in this one lifetime requires you to be fully present, now. It requires you to be aware of what you’re contributing, what you’re creating, what you’re leaving behind as your legacy.

Make sure you create a legacy of wisdom and love, to the best of your ability. A legacy of being as conscious as you possibly can, in each moment.

Your consciousness and presence will nourish those around you – your fellow humans both near and far.

With love, another seeker on the path,


*special note: thank you to Penny M. for bringing up the Laws and making this topic possible. My gratitude and love go out to you.

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