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The MOST common unconscious pattern in healers and lightworkers

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One of the most common patterns I see in the healers, coaches, and spiritual practitioners who step into my training programs is…


feeling overly responsible for clients’ healing and results.

(Oof. I’ve been there, too.)

How does this pattern manifest in our day-to-day healing work?

First, feeling responsible for clients’ healing puts a lot of extra weight on our shoulders.

It creates an inner sense of pressure, urgency, and anxiety about whether clients will get the results and transformation they’re looking for.

As healers, when we put this pressure on ourselves, we’re operating out of a belief that WE are the ones to “do” the healing… WE are the ones who can create the desired change for our clients… WE are the ones who need to step in and “fix” them.

This is, of course, a false belief. (And it disempowers our clients, when we unconsciously play this role of savior, fixer, or rescuer.)

Underlying this false belief are a bunch of core fears:

  • The fear of uncertainty: will clients get results and feel happy with your work / with you as the practitioner?
  • The fear of disappointing others: will you unintentionally do something that leaves a client feeling disappointed?
  • The fear of being “found out” (a.k.a. imposter syndrome): will clients “see through” you and perceive you as inadequate in some way?

These fears can fuel ALL kinds of unconscious healer patterns, which prevent you from showing up at your highest, most present, most connected level for the people you’re here to serve.

When you’re unconsciously driven by any of these fears, you end up trying to compensate through old patterns such as:

  • taking over-responsibility for clients (which doesn’t allow them the space to grow, change, and take ownership of their own lives)
  • “over-stuffing” your readings or sessions with too much content (which paralyzes clients with too much information and doesn’t support them in integrating or applying the insights)
  • showing up to sessions with less confidence, clarity, and groundedness than you’re really capable of (which prevents YOU from enjoying the work and being nourished by it… and also gets in the way of delivering your best work to clients) 

When you’re operating out of these unconscious fears and patterns, you lose access to your highest intuition and Divine Guidance… which are, ultimately, the most important tools at your disposal.

How you show up, what you bring with you, who you are BE-ing when you work with a client…

… these are the *key* elements in effectively, powerfully, and confidently holding space for others, so they can ignite their own healing power and feel supported in making their own changes.

The FREQUENCY you hold as a healer is the primary element that can help you (1) attract clients who are ready to do the deep work with you, and (2) show up for those clients in a CLEAR way that allows YOU – the healer or practitioner – to feel nourished and energized by the work in return.

So, an important question to consider: which unconscious healer patterns do you need to clear in yourself, so you can show up as the masterful agent of transformation you’re here to be… 

… WITHOUT taking on your clients’ responsibility, over-giving, or over-doing for them?

This is the ongoing self-exploration (and healing!) *we* must do, to evolve into the most conscious, responsible, and deeply helpful healers we’re called to be.

With love,

p.s. The Akashic Records have been THE most potent tool I’ve used, personally and with hundreds of students, to clear unconscious healer patterns such as overgiving, overdoing, over-caring for clients, and taking responsibility for other people’s healing and well-being.

In my Akashic Records Certification Program, we address these patterns at cognitive, energetic, somatic, and practical levels…

… so you feel fully empowered to show up as the masterful, conscious, transformative healer your Soul is calling you to be.

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