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The Sugar Addiction Tarot Spread

We are all subject to compulsive and addictive behaviors at certain times in our lives. Sugar is one of the most insidious, addictive substances that we’re exposed to every day. Have you wrestled with your own sugar addiction? Do you often turn to sweets, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, pastries, and/or cookies to avoid uncomfortable emotions, to escape daily reality, to soothe yourself, or to feel better about something?

Yep — me too!

That’s why I created The Sugar Addiction Spread, which you can use with Tarot cards or with any other deck of your choice (Oracle decks, Angel decks, etc). This spread can help shed some deeper insight into your addictive pattern with sugar, how it serves or protects you (in a counterproductive way), and what you can do to transcend this addiction.

Feel free to adapt this spread and use it to explore any other addictive behavior. You could use this spread with an addiction to alcohol, toxic relationships, shopping, sex, technology, work — whatever that addictive pattern is for you.

I hope that the spread will bring you fresh and useful insights.

sugar addiction tarot spread

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