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The Voice of Fear vs. the Voice of Higher Self

The Weekly Seeker #27

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When’s the last time you heard something like this inside your own head:

You aren’t doing it right.

You don’t have what it takes.

What if others laugh at you?

You have to get this perfect.

Who are you to… [enjoy life, create more abundance, do what makes you happy, etc]?

Do you sometimes have this kind of inner dialogue running in your mind?

This is the Voice of Fear.

This is the Voice that gives you ALL the reasons why you can’t be happy…

Why you can’t align with your purpose…

Why you don’t have what it takes to be more abundant and joyful…

Why you better not try anything new…

Why you should just stay within the “safe” walls of your comfort zone.

This is the Voice that spins out story after story after story – and compels you to believe in those false, limiting stories about yourself and what you’re (not) capable of.

According to author Geneen Roth, this Voice “[tries] to protect you from getting hurt by cutting you off at the knees(before anyone else can do that).”

Two key points here: cutting you off at the knees and before anyone else can do that.

In other words, the Voice of Fear tries to fulfill its self-protective function by hindering you, criticizing you, mocking you, making you feel unsure of yourself.

AND it attempts to do this before anyone else can do it… as a way to preempt any potential criticism, rejection, or judgment from others.

Can you see how convoluted this “logic” is?

That’s because the Voice of Fear DOESN’T actually run on true, sound logic… it operates based on primal, knee-jerk, automatic patterns and beliefs. (And core wounds from childhood.)

This negative inner Voice contradicts what your Higher Self knows and believes… what YOU know to be true in your heart, and at the level of your Soul.

Your Higher Self knows and believes things like:

There’s no “one way” to do things right. You can only do your best, and that’s enough.

You DO have what it takes – and more.

If someone laughs at you, misunderstands you, or criticizes you… it’s not really about you. (And it won’t kill you anyway.)

There’s no need to do things perfectly, because perfection is a human illusion.

You are a powerful Being of Light, divinely entitled to create a joyful, abundant, fulfilling, meaningful life.

So… which voice will you energize and allow to run the show?

Which voice will you choose to believe?

If you’re willing, let’s take a deep breath together, place a hand on your heart, and set this intention with me:

From this moment on, I choose to consciously align myself with the Voice of my Higher Self. I choose to believe and trust in the HIGHER TRUTH of who I am, what I’m here to do, and what I’m capable of. I choose to remember at all times that the Voice of Fear is a false voice, just trying to protect me by making me doubt myself. I choose to disengage from the Voice of Fear as soon as I recognize it, giving myself grace while I master this process.

With love, your friend,

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