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Transcending the Ego through the Akashic Records

Transcending the ego is a common goal on the spiritual path, where the ego is typically seen as opposite to the Soul.

This article explores:

  • What is the ego? Why is it important to transcend it?
  • The lies & illusions that your ego might feed you (and how they cause you suffering)
  • 5 ways the Akashic Records can help you transcend your ego

You can also download my free introductory guide to learn how to open and read your own Akashic Records.



If the Soul is expansive, infinite, and divine, then the ego can be characterized as limited, finite (it ends when your body dies), and human.

Although we sometimes demonize the ego and think that we must “kill” it, it’s actually a fundamental part of your human personality and psyche.

Your ego is the part of you – however limited – that carries your sense of self. Your understanding of yourself, especially in relation to others. Your ego is also composed of your self-image, the stories and narratives you tell about yourself, and your attachments to earthly things: house, car, money, relationships, social status, etc.

The problem arises when you overidentify with your ego, believing that your ego is the biggest or the ONLY part of you. In this situation, the ego begins to run the show as it strongly influences your thoughts, choices, and behaviors.

I’ve written more about ego over-identification and what it’s like to experience ego death in this article: The Loneliness of Spiritual Awakening.



When you overidentify with your ego, you start believing in egoic lies and illusions.

These are limited beliefs, ideas, and thoughts that your ego makes you believe. When you buy into them, you experience suffering and separation from others (and even separation from yourself).

Let’s run through a few examples of the deceptions your ego might feed you:

1 – There’s not enough to go around and you must watch out for others taking what’s yours.

The ego is a possessive entity, meaning that it likes to own things and people. (It thinks it can own things and people.) Since the ego is so materially focused, it obsesses about acquiring more things and money and relationships.

There’s no amount or volume of things that will ever satisfy the ego. When you finally buy your dream home, let’s say, the ego might enjoy it for a few weeks or months but will eventually become restless again. The fundamental state of the ego is one of lack, of never enough.

So your ego might deceive you into believing that there’s not enough to go around for everyone. Therefore, you must watch out for others taking what’s yours. This means the ego tends to be constantly anxious about losing what it has already acquired, never feeling safe or satisfied.

2 – You must prove others wrong so you can be right.

The ego is very attached to appearances. It can’t tolerate criticism or being told that it’s wrong. This means the ego is constantly in defensive mode, looking out for perceived offenses and attacks. And the ego believes that only one person or perspective can be right, so it will convince you that you must defend your position to the death.

In an argument, the ego can’t let anything go. It will drag up past resentments, grievances, wounds, and disappointments. In doing so, the ego keeps you believing and telling a story of yourself as a victim. As someone who must get even or prove the other person wrong to feel vindicated.

3 – You’re separate from God or Source (and other people).

Another lie the ego will tell you is that you’re separate. Separate from God or Source, and separate from other people. The spiritual truth is that we’re all interconnected and part of the same energy. You’ve never lost your connection to Source, even if it has sometimes felt that way.

But the ego likes to make you think you’re all alone and must do everything yourself, which again might keep you stuck in victim mode.

When you look at the world through the eyes of your ego, it looks like a hostile, scary, and threatening place. So do other people! This is a painful misunderstanding of your true nature as part of a larger whole, where there is no separation.

4 – You’re not worthy of love, compassion, abundance, loving relationships, etc.

The ego is the part of you that carries self-judgment and judgment of others. As you internalized certain messages growing up and developed your self-image, you might have bought into a story of yourself as unworthy. Unworthy of love, compassion, unconditional acceptance, and abundance.

Your ego keeps running this story automatically and looking for evidence to strengthen it. For example, if you experience a breakup or divorce, your ego might use it as evidence of your unworthiness.

This can be a deeply entrenched and painful illusion, as you move through life believing you are inherently flawed and not worthy of having the things, relationships, and experiences you long for.



If you’re reading this, I assume you have some familiarity with the Akashic Records. (If you don’t or would like a refresher, here’s my full guide on them. You can also explore the healing benefits of the Records.)

As a divine tool of healing and evolution, the Akashic Records can powerfully help you free yourself from ego. Here are 5 specific ways in which this can happen:

Reawakening Your Inner Divinity

The Akashic Records are made up of a divine energy of unconditional love and support. Whenever you access the Akashic field, you’re tapping into a limitless energy of pure potential. Every journey into the Records is a kind of attunement to this energy, where you open up to receive more and more light.

You also open up to find and reawaken the light within yourself. We might call this light your inner fire, your life force, or your Soul essence. This is the larger and everlasting part of you that will go on beyond this lifetime. It’s also the part that carries your divinity and Soul blueprint.

By reawakening your inner divinity and essence, you can begin to identify with this much more expansive part of you. You can release your ego identification and BE in the world as a divine being, rather than as a limited self.

Shedding Human Density

The Akashic Records operate at the level of the 5th dimension, or higher. This means we must stretch upwards – or ascend – from the 3rd dimension that we normally inhabit to tap into the Akashic field. In this process, we’re required to release human density including egoic thought forms, attachments, karma, unresolved trauma, judgment, self-doubt, skepticism, contracts & vows, and conditioning of all kinds.

As we do the work in our daily lives to release all of this baggage, we’re able to operate at a much higher frequency. This frequency might include the healing vibrations of compassion, unconditional love, self-respect, integrity, inner peace, and mental clarity.

The more you shed human density, the less you buy into the ego’s painful lies and illusions.

Recognizing the Big Picture of Human Events

The Akashic Records can help you see and understand the spiritual reality beyond your human experiences.

For example: let’s say you’ve been challenged with a physical illness. The human-level (or ego-level) understanding might be that this illness is caused by certain physical mechanisms or processes in your body, that it’s going to get worse over time, that you must depend on a medication for the rest of your life, and that there’s no cure.

But the spiritual perspective provided by the Records might be that this illness actually started at the level of energy or vibration long before it showed up in the physical body. That it doesn’t have to get worse over time. That if you correct a vibrational or emotional or spiritual imbalance in your life, the physical symptoms that make up this “illness” could resolve. That a medication can bring you relief from symptoms for a while, but you don’t have to take it forever.

As you discover the big picture of what’s really going on, you find a sense of relief and comfort. You also find new options or possibilities for moving forward that aren’t constrained by limited beliefs.

Activating Your Heart Sight

When you journey into the Records, you begin to “see” less with your eyes and more with your heart. Connecting with the Akashic field of unconditional love and acceptance makes it much easier to cultivate unconditional love within yourself.

Then, you can start seeing yourself, others, and the world through the lens of unconditional love – instead of through the egoic lens of judgment and blame and right-or-wrong.

When you activate your heart sight, you drop down into your heart and drop all defenses. You realize that, although your ego desperately wants you to look good and be right, these attachments don’t really matter. You realize that your inner peace is what matters most, and that living from a place of unconditional love makes life much easier.

You no longer have to prove or defend yourself at every turn. You can deepen your relationships by opening your heart to others and being truly vulnerable. Most importantly, you can open your heart to yourself and make compassionate room for ALL parts of you.



You can use my introductory guide to tap into your own Records and connect to this field of infinite love and divine wisdom. The more you do this, the more you’ll transcend your ego and live a more aligned, ease-full, connected, and abundant life.

Just click here:

Akashic Records Intro

With love,

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