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TRIGGERED! When people cross or disrespect your boundaries


Boundaries! A perpetually hot issue in the spiritual and healing worlds. Boundaries are something we must all continually work on while we’re incarnated in human bodies. It’s so important to have clear and healthy boundaries to delineate where you end and where someone else begins. This can help you stay true to your core needs and desires instead of losing your sense of self in relationships or in other people.

In this episode, I respond to a listener email about one of her triggers – when people try to tell her what to do and when people cross her boundaries.

Join me for this discussion as we delve into the “freeze” response that can habitually get triggered when others disrespect or test your boundaries, especially if you grew up with poor boundaries or parents/caregivers who were unable to model healthy boundary-setting.

I also talk about “sacred anger” and how reawakening this energy within you can lead to powerful healing and help you stand your ground – no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what’s being asked of you.

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