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TRIGGERED! When someone tells you how to live your life


Ever found yourself in a situation where someone tried to tell you how to live your life? Maybe they tried to tell you what you should eat, or what you shouldn’t eat, or how you should speak or behave, or how you should raise your kids, or how you should dress. This can bring up all kinds of emotions and feel really triggering.

In this episode, I talk about:

– how to deal with well-intentioned (or not so well-intentioned) people trying to tell you how to live

– the importance of working through our own tendencies to tell others how to live (because we’re not perfect either!)

– how to deal with feelings of being judged or criticized

– my personal story with veganism and how this created a rift in my family

– the importance of releasing energetic hooks and cords connecting you to people who’ve tried to control or manipulate you

– honoring our vulnerability and desire to avoid conflict as highly sensitive people

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Thank you for tuning in and spending some of your valuable time with me!


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