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TRIGGERED! When the holidays feel stressful or draining


Aaah, the holidays… a magical time of gathering with loved ones and celebrating our blessings. That is, ideally! 

For many people, the holidays can be a lot more stressful, draining, or anxiety-inducing than the picture-perfect image of a loving family gathered around a fancy table. The holidays – whichever ones you choose to celebrate – can bring up mixed emotions or fill you with anticipatory dread, worry, and stress.

In this special holiday edition of TRIGGERED!, I talk about:

– the importance of breaking with old traditions that feel draining, confining, or dysfunctional

– creating your own traditions that feel more aligned and peaceful

– reinforcing boundaries with family members during the holidays

– liberating yourself from burdensome family expectations and using the holidays as an opportunity to practice saying NO

– ways to protect yourself energetically & physically if you choose to gather with family

You might find this resource helpful if you do get triggered at some point during the holidays. I created a guide on 10 Ways to Get Untriggered Quickly, which you can download here:

I can’t thank you enough for tuning in to this podcast… your presence makes it all worthwhile. I hope this episode supports you in having a peaceful, stress-free holiday season.


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