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TRIGGERED! When you abandon or betray yourself


Self-abandonment is really common in our culture. It can take many different forms, but it’s often related to denying or suppressing your own needs to act in ways that are deemed acceptable by others.

Our western culture frequently encourages us to move towards this place of self-denial, suppression, and twisting ourselves to fit external expectations and demands. Part of this has to do with being affable, with not creating conflict, with being perceived as a helpful and productive and easygoing person.

In this episode of Triggered, we explore what it means to abandon or betray yourself. I run through some specific examples of self-abandonment and offer suggestions for reclaiming your self-worth and becoming your own ally and advocate.

You can also share your response to this episode – or some of your own triggers – by writing to

Thank you for being here, friend. May you begin to treat yourself with unconditional kindness, love, support, and care. You deserve nothing less.


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2 thoughts on “TRIGGERED! When you abandon or betray yourself”

  1. I am someone who self abandons regularly, I see it, then I get mad and resentful. I like your idea of writing down a new “code of ethics” for myself. Thank you for your insight!

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Thank you for sharing this, Kim. I think we all have different patterns of self-abandonment, some more subtle than others. I’m glad this episode was helpful for you!

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