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TRIGGERED! When you can’t get out of your head


This episode is going out to my fellow overthinkers! Do you tend to get trapped inside your head, caught in repetitive or intrusive thinking patterns? Do you overanalyze everything to death? Do you find it challenging to drop down into your body and be in the space of your heart? 

Join me as we explore the possible reasons why you might have developed this tendency to “retreat” into the head as a safety or coping mechanism. In this episode, I define the difference between being in your head (the home of your rational and ego mind) versus being in your heart (the home of your divine mind and spirit). I also talk about what you can do to begin shifting from the head into the heart.

In the episode, I announced my Akashic Records Level 1 Course

If this content resonates with you, or you have one of your own triggers to share, please let me know by writing to 

Thank you for being here!

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