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TRIGGERED! When you can’t stop eating sugar (or engaging in some other addictive behavior)


“Addictions always originate in pain, whether felt openly or hidden in the unconscious.” – Dr. Gabor Mate

This episode of TRIGGERED! takes on the topic of addictive behaviors through my own personal experience with food and sugar addiction. Join me for a discussion of:

– what fuels us to engage in addictive behaviors even when we know they’re harming us

– the importance of not making an addiction or addictive substance the enemy

– how the addictive cycle keeps us stuck in a loop of obsessive thinking and robs us of peace, vitality, and energy

– softening addictive tendencies by understanding WHY and HOW you’ve used them as a coping mechanism or as a response to trauma

– for sugar addiction in particular, the importance of cultivating more “sweetness” and self-compassion in your daily life

I mention a number of resources throughout the episode. Please explore these based on your own needs and interests:

Gabor Mate – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Gabor Mate – interview on the Tim Ferriss Show

Karly Randolph Pitman’s work –

Inner Work 055: Healing the Battle with Your Inner Rebel (with Karly Randolph Pitman) –

My Sugar Addiction Tarot Spread –

To connect with me directly, please send a message to

IMPORTANT NOTE: this episode does not provide (nor is it a substitute for) medical, nutritional, or psychotherapeutic advice. I’m offering my perspective, thoughts, and resources based on what has helped me in my own healing journey and experience as an intuitive healer.


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