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TRIGGERED! When you feel excluded, rejected, or like an outcast


This episode of TRIGGERED! explores the issue of feeling excluded, rejected, or like an “alien” or outcast. (Have you been there? Me too!) I respond to a listener’s message about this and dive into the root of these painful feelings that can get activated whenever you feel left out or overlooked.

Join me as we explore why we get triggered when we feel unseen or excluded and what we can do to soothe or relate differently to this trigger. We’ll also go back in time to locate your “primary rejection” — that first conscious memory of being rejected, excluded, unseen, or mocked simply for being who you are. Healing that core wound of rejection and compassionately holding the part of you that’s still suffering because of it is the key to releasing this trigger.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this episode! Please email me any time at 
I would also love to hear about your own triggers so we can work through them together.

Thank you for being here! I see you, I acknowledge you, and you’re not alone.


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