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TRIGGERED! When you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in your body


Being in a human, physical body can be very triggering at times. It can feel dense, unsafe, or uncomfortable to be in a body. This sometimes leads us to try to escape the body through coping mechanisms like overeating, undereating, drinking too much, checking out from reality, or spiritual bypassing.

It can also feel unsafe to be in your body if you’ve experienced trauma of any kind in this lifetime. In this episode, I address a few different forms of trauma you might have experienced that could still be affecting your ability to feel grounded and embodied. I also offer two practices to begin healing your relationship to your body.

*DISCLAIMER: nothing in this episode should be considered a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric advice or treatment.*

If you need specialized help working through body-based trauma, you can find a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner here:

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