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TRIGGERED! When you have difficulty trusting your intuition


Your intuition is your inner guidance system and inner GPS. As such, it gives you information about the people, places, and situations that are aligned with you – as well as the people, places, and situations that are not. Through this guidance, you can decide what to move towards to and what to move away from.

In this episode of TRIGGERED!, I address the important topic of being able to trust your intuition and intuitive nudges. Specific themes include:

  • How your trust in your own intuition can become corroded over time for a variety of reasons (for example: if it was unsafe to trust in your feelings and perceptions growing up, if you’ve been privileging your head and logical thinking over your heart and intuition, or if you feel unworthy of receiving clear information from your Guides)
  • The intuitive channels through which you receive information and guidance
  • Your body as a vehicle of divine communication
  • 6 specific blocks that make it hard to trust your intuition and the messages that come through (and how to work with each one)

In the episode, I mention this article on the 5 clairs:

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