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TRIGGERED! When you use whatever you can to escape reality


Have you found yourself reaching for whatever it is you can – a substance, experience, behavior, or whatever else – to escape the present moment?

Yup, I’ve done that too. Many times!

This episode of TRIGGERED! is, in many ways, a continuation of my episode on addictions and compulsive behavior. But this time we’re focusing on the impulse to “check out”, to not be here, to not be in your body, to escape reality. Join me for a discussion of:

– where the impulse to check out or escape comes from (and how it relates to being highly sensitive)

– why and how this impulse drives us to engage in self-destructive or harmful behaviors

– why it’s important to NOT demonize or punish yourself for wanting to escape

– recognizing that your addictions and attachments to the things, substances, and behaviors you use to check out are not happening in a vacuum; there are entire industries invested in keeping you addicted (and how touching into your sacred anger about this can help in breaking those attachments)

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Thank you for tuning in! May your path be smoothed by the grace of compassion, understanding, and kindness towards yourself.


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