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TRIGGERED! When your ego causes you suffering


Join me for this episode of TRIGGERED! as we explore all things ego. Your ego carries your sense of self, your self-image, the stories you tell and believe about yourself (especially as compared to other people), and your attachments to things like your car, house, relationships, social status, money, etc.

The ego’s primary agenda is to make sure you’re keeping up appearances, looking good to others, being accepted, and maintaining the status quo. Therefore, the ego is constantly on the lookout for anything that might threaten your sense of identity.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • what is the ego?
  • the mechanisms the ego uses to try to maintain the status quo and avoid risk & discomfort
  • some of the common lies and illusions your ego might tell you
  • how the ego causes suffering
  • how to help yourself transcend your ego – or at least shift your relationship to it


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Thank you for tuning in! May you find peace and purpose as you walk your path.


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