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TRIGGERED! When you’re having a hard time and someone tells you to just “be positive”


Has anyone ever told you to just “be positive” or “think positive” while you were in the midst of a crisis, having a challenge, or experiencing intense emotions? Did this make you want to rip that person’s head off? Yup, I’ve been there too!

In this episode of TRIGGERED!, I talk about the experience of being told to just “be positive” and how this can make you feel triggered, alone, angry, or dismissed. This may also trigger the feeling that your experience or emotions are being minimized.

I also cover, briefly, the sometimes endemic tendency in the spiritual community towards “toxic positivity” – the idea that everything is, or should, be ok if you just “stay positive” and keep your vibes high.

I welcome your comments, questions, and stories about your own triggers so we can work through them together in a future episode. You can always reach me at

Thank you for being here, and please be kind to yourself!


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