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TRIGGERED! When you’re in a one-sided friendship


Being in a one-sided friendship can be triggering (and exhausting!). This episode responds to a listener email by exploring what happens when you give your full support and attention to a friend, but they don’t give you a reciprocal exchange of energy and presence. Our listener was triggered, specifically, when a friend would multitask, check their phone, or otherwise get distracted during their interactions (particularly when it was time for our listener to share and be heard).

In the episode, I also talk about:

  • how being highly sensitive can make us feel more upset or rejected when friends don’t seem to be fully present with us
  • the importance of speaking up for your needs in friendships & relationships (and how to do so)
  • the valuable lesson of releasing one-sided friendships
  • my own recent experience of having to let a friendship go

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