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Using the Akashic Records for potent and ease-ful manifestation

A lot of spiritual teachings out there can lead us to believe that manifestation is about pulling stuff “out of thin air.”

They tell us:

You want the big, beautiful, abundant house?

Visualize it, think about it, really desire it… and it will somehow magically appear.

You want the fulfilling, exciting, divinely aligned relationship?

Visualize it, call it forth in your mind every day, believe you can have it… and a loving partner will magically show up at your doorstep.

You want more ideal clients and a nourishing business where you get to do your Soul-level work every day?

Visualize it, fill in all the details in your mind, call it forth every day… and it will magically build itself.

But… what about when *the thing* you want DOESN’T magically appear?

Then you feel like a failure.

You feel frustrated, confused, stuck.

You doubt yourself.

You may even feel embarrassed – like, what’s wrong with me that I can’t create this out of thin air??

Short answer: there’s nothing wrong with you. You are Divine and a powerful Creator.

But you may have been operating out of a common misconception, which can derail your manifestation efforts time and time again.

The thing is —

Manifestation isn’t actually about creating stuff out of thin air. (“Stuff” like the house, relationship, business, or more money in your bank account.)

Manifestation is about learning how to become keenly aware of opportunities and possibilities already in your energy field…

… in other words, noticing the PATHWAYS that can help you manifest what you desire. (Without having to forcefully “will” those things out of thin air.)

That’s how you create “the stuff.”

By opening your awareness to and aligning yourself with the opportunities already here.

By turning on your highest capacity to be fully aware of these opportunities in your field… as well as your capacity to follow through on those opportunities and turn them into gold.

This requires you to be, as much as you can, in a state of Higher Mind, Higher Awareness, and Higher Receptivity.

So, manifestation isn’t really about having to create stuff out of thin air… but about becoming and living from the frequency of Higher Mind, which helps you:

  • Remain open to all aligned possibilities in your personal energy field (and in the universal energy field all around you)
  • Save time by not getting emotionally triggered or “hijacked” by ego mind
  • Stay OUT of the illusion of lack, “not enough”, or unworthiness
  • Clearly and efficiently take aligned action that moves you towards your manifestation goals, instead of getting caught in overcomplicating or overthinking things

The Akashic Records are the most powerful tool I know for achieving and sustaining this state of Higher Mind…

… because connecting to the Records raises your frequency at quantum speed and can help you return – whenever you need – to a state of receptivity, gratitude, and clarity in an instant.

(We can’t access this kind of clarity or aligned action from a lower frequency of doubt, ego, overthinking, or over-efforting.)

Instead of allowing illusion to run the show – such as the illusion of lack — the Akashic Records can help clear your vision and align you with Higher Truth.

Including the Higher Truth of how powerful, creative, and resourceful you really are… and that everything you want is already here.

By consciously and effectively connecting to them, the Akashic Records can help you see and follow the highest possible avenues to manifesting it.

With love and fully believing in your capacity to create what you desire,

p.s. In my Akashic Records Certification Program, we work actively with the Records as a tool for potent and more ease-ful manifestation.

If you’re ready to shed old limitations, outdated beliefs, and stubborn inner blocks that may have been holding you back…

… *and* you’re willing to take 100% ownership for what you’re creating in your life (and what you’d like to create moving forward)…

contact me to get all the details for the next round.

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