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Using the Akashic Records to reduce emotional reactivity (and collapse time)

Having access to the Akashic Records helps you save time

… and use the irreplaceable time you have in this lifetime as powerfully, effectively, and meaningfully as possible, in alignment with your Soul’s highest purpose.

On the spiritual path, we’re often working on reducing emotional reactivity. (Why? Because emotional reactivity is painful, and it causes us to waste tremendous amounts of time and energy.)

You might be working on being able to remain centered, calm, grounded, and clear regardless of what’s going on around you.

When you can’t remain centered and you continually get triggered by other people’s behaviors, words, or choices… or by whatever’s going on in the world (or in the news)…

… or if you’re swayed by external opinions and concerned with what others may think or say about you…

… you lose a bunch of incredibly valuable time. (Trust me, I’ve been there! This is time we can’t ever get back.)

When something or someone triggers you, and your nervous system goes into a fight-flight-or-freeze state – and then you have to wait for it to subside, or you don’t know how to get out of it…

… you lose time you could be spending with loved ones, fully present with them and for them.

You lose time you could be spending truly showing up for yourself, connecting to your inner guidance and getting clear on your next steps.

You lose time (and energy!) you could be using to create your next level of abundance and joy.

You lose time you could be using to explore what really matters to you, and what your Soul is here to contribute to the planet.

BUT… when you begin tapping into the Akashic field of highest consciousness – where time isn’t linear – change can happen in an instant, and you can soften a triggered state in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Instead of spending hours, days, or weeks (or years!) of your life “spinning out”, getting triggered by other people or situations, stuck in overthinking or self-doubt, or not knowing where to go next…

… having access to the Akashic Records can help you collapse time by:

  • meeting with your past life allies to recover important gifts, knowledge, and wisdom
  • clearing past life trauma / unfinished business still “tugging” on you and draining you energetically
  • merging with future (or parallel-life) versions of you that have already healed, already manifested what you’re seeking to create, and are living in full alignment with your Soul’s purpose
  • softening triggers and helping you work with your shadow aspects beneath those triggers (for example – working with shadows such as The Perfectionist, The People-Pleaser, or The Victim)

Doing this kind of work FREES YOU UP to consciously pour your time and energy into what really matters to you…

… into TRULY being here for yourself and others, at your full capacity and in alignment with your highest purpose.

With love,


In my Akashic Records Certification Program, I teach you how to do all of the above – not just for your self-healing, but to powerfully serve your clients.


Contact me for more info and to apply for the next round.

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