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What Is Your Soul Purpose In This Lifetime?

“What is my life purpose?”

“What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?”

“What am I meant to do here?”

These are some of the frequent questions I hear from clients and students. We all have a deep desire to figure out our why: why we’re here, why our souls incarnated in this lifetime, why (and how) we’re meant to contribute to the world.

Figuring out your BIG WHY – which is actually a common practice for businesses and companies – is so important because it gives you a sense of clear purpose. Once you have a clear purpose in your life, it becomes so much easier to make choices, decide the next step you’re supposed to take, and focus your energy on the things that actually matter.

Ego Distractions

Since we’re still incarnated in human bodies (which is such a dense experience sometimes!), we can get sidetracked by what I call ego distractions. Some of these distractions include:

  • compulsions and compulsive behaviors (i.e., excessive eating, drinking, binge-watching Netflix, shopping)
  • toxic relationships (especially if fear keeps you stuck in the relationship)
  • unfulfilling jobs that don’t bring you joy or satisfaction (we often stay at these jobs due to fear of scarcity or of stepping into the unknown)
  • destructive or harsh mental chatter and inner dialogue (for example, “you’re not good enough”, “you will never succeed”, “you will fail”, “there’s not enough money to go around”, etc)
  • limiting past life contracts

All of these distractions can keep you off your path and prevent you from identifying your soul purpose. To really understand what your soul is meant to do in this lifetime, you need to be able to access your intuition, hear your Higher Self, and receive information from Divine Source. None of these things can happen very easily if your life is in a state of chaos, you’re exhausted or burnt out, or you’re stuck in unhealthy relationships or work environments.

Your Soul Agreements

Looking at this from a spiritual perspective, we can say that your soul made a conscious choice to incarnate into physical form in this lifetime. This happened during what I call the “council” in between your lifetimes. This is the moment in between lifetimes – between your last incarnation and your current one – where your soul made intentional agreements and decisions about what your purpose would be today.

Some of the agreements your soul made in this “council” are personal, meaning that they affect only you and the people closest to you. For example, your soul might agree to work through a number of different issues – such as fear, shame, abandonment issues, learning how to speak your truth, and standing up for yourself and your values. These agreements are mostly about healing past life issues that haven’t been healed yet. You will find yourself, in your current lifetime, having to face these issues head on through a number of different relationships and circumstances. These issues might even show up in your behavior patterns. For instance, if one of your soul missions in this lifetime is to learn how to speak your truth authentically, you will face this challenge until you learn the important lesson your soul needs you to learn.

Other agreements made in this “council” are more about your role in the world and in the lives of other people. Your soul might assign you a life purpose of rescuing injured animals, or being a compassionate teacher, or helping people get out of financial debt, or assisting people to awaken spiritually.

So, your soul has assigned you these soul agreements on both a personal level and a collective level. Your personal soul assignments are about you evolving spiritually and moving into a higher level of consciousness (i.e., moving through the reincarnation wheel). Your collective soul assignments are more about assisting other people, being of service, and contributing to the world – all of which help other people live out their purposes, too.

What Happens When You Identify Your Soul Purpose

Your soul purpose is never “random”. Even if you feel like you don’t have a soul purpose, or your life path has been really confusing, you do have a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. When you identify and start living according to this soul purpose, you will:

  • get a clearer sense of your BIG WHY — why you’re here and why your soul incarnated this time
  • be able to make intentional choices about your future — whether you want to stay at your current job/profession and live out your soul purpose in other ways (i.e., not professionally), or whether it makes sense to turn your soul purpose into a profession/business
  • align your daily behavior and decisions with your soul purpose — so you’re not trying to figure out what matters to you or what you need to prioritize, because these things will be crystal clear
  • attract like-minded and high-vibrational people to collaborate with you (including your ideal clients if you’re turning your soul purpose into a business)
  • work through karma and heal old wounds/patterns at a much faster rate
  • be much less distracted by all the ego illusions and distractions I mentioned above
  • feel fulfilled, satisfied, and purposeful
  • manifest greater abundance in your life — the Universe is ready to reward you financially (and in all other ways!) for having the courage and determination to follow your soul purpose.

So, how can you begin to identify your soul purpose? Some of my favorite ways to do this include:

  • journaling
  • working with Tarot or Oracle decks
  • working with runes
  • meditation
  • placing a hand on your heart and asking the question, “What is my soul calling me to do?” or “Where is my soul calling me to go next?”
  • an Akashic Records Reading, which can help you determine your soul purpose in this lifetime (as well as past lifetimes and whether any past life contracts are blocking you now)

There’s no cookie-cutter way to go about this, since we’re all different and we access divine guidance in different ways. It might also take some time for you to clearly identify your soul purpose. Patience and persistence are important in this process. Perhaps the most important element is receptivity – you have to be willing to stay open to receive guidance and information about this. If you’re open and mindfully present, the signs will come!

Wishing you abundance, clarity, and peace on your journey.

With love,

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