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What to Ask the Akashic Records: 28 Sample Questions

People often ask me for sample questions to ask during an Akashic Records reading. Asking really good, open-ended, self-focused questions can take your reading to the next level. In this article, I offer some context about what the Akashic Records are, how they work, what to expect from a reading, plus 28 sample questions to ask your Records — whether you’re accessing them yourself or going to a professional reader.

So, first things first.

What are the Akashic Records?

In the simplest terms, the Akashic Records are a repository or archive of information about your soul’s journey. The Records contain the record of your soul’s every single thought, deed, experience, memory, and trauma in this lifetime and all past lifetimes.

Accessing the Records and retrieving useful information can be extremely helpful in healing old patterns, wounds, habits, belief systems, and traumas.

What is in the Akashic Records?

I often visualize the Records as a massive library, with individual books representing each soul’s archive. Through the Records, we can retrieve information about every conceivable topic and question — as long as the questions are self-focused (meaning, focused on yourself and not on anyone else) and open-ended.

Reading the Akashic Records is not fortune-telling. The Records don’t like to give “yes” or “no” answers, which are too simplistic. Asking predictive or time-specific questions (such as “When will I meet my soulmate?” or “When will I get a promotion?”) is typically not very illuminating. You’re creating your reality as you go along, so there actually is no future that already exists and that can be predicted.

The answers you receive from the Records are often complex and nuanced. Besides, the Akashic Records — and the Record Keepers and light beings who work within them — want to empower you to make your own choices based on the information you receive. They will never make choices for you or impose on your free will.

What is an Akashic Records Reading? What can I expect from it?

I sometimes refer to this type of reading as a “soul reading”.

Just as with the Tarot or any other spiritual system, no two Akashic Records reading will ever be the same.

Some readings are all about your past life experiences. Other readings are more focused on the present and/or possibilities for the future. Other readings can focus on a wide range of topics and issues, including (but not limited to):

  • how to connect with your Spirit Guides more clearly;
  • how to work with your intuition;
  • how to release limiting beliefs and behaviors;
  • whether current habits and patterns originate in a past life (and why/how);
  • whether you’ve made any past life contracts with someone you know in your current life;
  • how to release unhelpful past life vows (such as vows of obedience, poverty, suffering, self-punishment, and so on);
  • how to heal old wounds and traumas.

Preparing for an Akashic Records Reading

In my own work with clients, I don’t ask for too much advance preparation before a reading. I do ask my clients to think about 2-3 pressing issues or questions they would like to explore together. However, I don’t want or need to know their questions in advance, as that might get me thinking about the reading ahead of time. I prefer to come to the reading as fresh as possible so I can allow the most relevant information and energy to come through in the moment, without any preconceived ideas or agendas.

Of course, you want to be receptive and open before you come to your session or reading. This just means getting clear a day or a few hours prior to the reading. Meditate, pray, do yoga, don’t watch the news, do some journaling, eat clean food, don’t drink alcohol — whatever works to clear your mind and open your heart to the information you will be receiving.

Also, don’t be nervous about receiving specific information about your job, relationship, marriage, life purpose, or any other question. Getting information about something doesn’t mean you have to act on it immediately. You might need to digest it or think it over for a while. And that’s okay.

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself and don’t scare yourself into thinking that, for example, if the Records tell you that your current job is not in your highest good, you will have to quit the next morning. You’re still in control of your life experience. Just gather the information and then use it as best you can.

Sample questions to ask the Akashic Records

Notice that all of these questions are focused on the self (they don’t pry into other people’s lives, which would be unethical). We’re also avoiding yes-or-no and fortune-telling questions.

Try to craft questions that will yield complex, interesting answers. At the same time, you don’t want to go too broad with questions like, “What is my soul purpose?” Something a bit more specific — like, “What is my soul purpose right now?” or “What is my soul purpose and how can I express it in my daily life?” — can help you get even clearer and more useful information.

Let’s dive into the questions:

  1. What is my soul purpose right now?
  2. How can I better align with my soul purpose?
  3. How can I align my soul purpose with my job/career?
  4. Why haven’t I been able to heal issue X or Y?
  5. What’s limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?
  6. What beliefs and ideas did I inherit from my family?
  7. What beliefs and ideas have I internalized from my culture?
  8. Is there a past life origin to a current issue or pattern I’m trying to heal?
  9. Did I make a past life vow or contract of poverty, obedience, silence, etc? Or a past life contract of giving my power away or disconnecting from my spiritual gifts? [suggestion: read my article on past life contracts and vows to learn more]
  10. What is my current illness/condition teaching me? Am I carrying this lesson from a past life? How can I finally “get it”?
  11. What is my current relationship teaching me? Am I carrying this lesson from a past life?
  12. What is my most important role in this lifetime?
  13. How can I use my talents to serve others?
  14. Where does my [addiction, compulsion, behavior] originate from?
  15. What is my [addiction, compulsion, behavior] protecting me from?
  16. How can I release my [addiction, compulsion, behavior]?
  17. How can I release this pattern of toxic relationships?
  18. How can I release my feelings of [shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear]? Have I felt those feelings in past lifetimes? Why?
  19. Did I know person X in a past lifetime? What was our connection then?
  20. Did I make a past life contract with person X? What was the nature of the contract?
  21. How can I release this outdated or unhelpful past life contract?
  22. How can I feel excited about my purpose again?
  23. Where does my sensitivity come from? How can I use it in this lifetime?
  24. How can I set and enforce stronger boundaries in my life?
  25. Why has it been so hard for me to speak up or stand up for myself in this lifetime?
  26. Was I ever persecuted, banished, or tortured for my spiritual gifts in a past lifetime? How can I release that trauma and reclaim my spiritual gifts?
  27. How can I get along better with people in this lifetime?
  28. Did I know my family/relative in a past life? What was our relationship then? How is it still carrying over now?

*For more examples of past life questions to ask the Records, go here.

Using any of these questions in your next Akashic Records reading will help you access clearer and more helpful information.

Wishing you abundance and clarity on your journey.

With love,

Ways to delve deeper into the Akashic Records:

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      You’re so welcome, Jennifer! I’m happy to hear these questions resonated with you. Definitely can be used with Tarot decks, oracle decks, runes, etc!

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