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What’s Your Stopping Point in Your Spiritual Business?

Growing your spiritual business and attracting your ideal clients requires both internal and external actions.

We often focus on external actions at the expense of internal ones because we think that external actions will produce faster results.

External actions include things like redesigning your website, writing blog posts (like this one!), and pitching your services to potential clients. These types of actions are DEFINITELY required to grow your spiritual business.

But internal actions are required as well. (In some ways, they’re even MORE important!)

Internal actions include things like clarifying your business vision, getting aligned with your Higher Self, and opening up to receive divine guidance about the next steps in your business.

Figuring out your stopping point is another really important internal action you must take if you want to grow your business and fill your client roster.

What’s Your Stopping Point?

Your stopping point is basically the place where you STOP yourself from growing, evolving, and taking important actions that will produce results for your business.

This stopping point keeps you safe, protected, small, and stuck inside a limited box.

Your stopping point keeps you recreating the same pattern or experience over and over. For example, the experience of not having enough clients. Or the experience of wanting to grow your business but always feeling confused/overwhelmed about which actions to take. Or the experience of sabotaging your efforts to become more visible (cause deep down you’re really scared of being more visible!).

Your stopping point keeps you in your comfort zone and prevents you from taking any risks.

When Does Your Stopping Point Get Triggered?

Your stopping point gets triggered when you take (or try to take) certain actions in your business. Sometimes it gets triggered even when you just THINK about taking certain actions.

Here are a few examples of how this might show up for you:

  • You make a plan to reach out to 10 different podcasts to talk about your area of expertise and get your voice out there… BUT then you convince yourself that you’re “not ready” to speak about your work as an expert (or you reach out to 4 podcasts, get no responses, and give up altogether)
  • You decide you want to manifest 5 new clients this week… BUT then you use some excuse to get out of making sales calls or reaching out to a few leads (some excuses might include: the weather sucks, you’re too tired, you have to help your kids/partner/spouse/friend with something, you’re having a bad hair day/week)
  • You create a video packed with great content… BUT then you back out of posting it because you didn’t look or sound “perfect”
  • You decide to start blogging regularly to attract more ideal clients… BUT then you “forget” to create a blogging schedule and actually stick to it because you feel like you don’t have any ideas or there are too many blogs out there already
  • You get a bunch of new clients and hit your financial goal for a specific month… BUT then your car breaks down or you have a financial emergency that drains all the money you just made (yup, sometimes your stopping point is so strong and so subconscious that it orchestrates emergency situations like this one to keep you from reaching your goals!)

As one of my favorite business coaches likes to say, “whatever is stopping you now has stopped you MANY times before.” (Btw, that’s a GENIUS insight.)

So consider your own stopping point by asking questions like:

  1. When does it get triggered? What triggers it?
  2. What does your comfort zone look like?
  3. What would it take for you to go beyond your comfort zone?
  4. Which actions are you most afraid to take in your business? Which actions bring up the most resistance for you?
  5. What do you FEAR would happen if you took those actions? Who would you be leaving behind?
  6. What will you lose in the short and long term if you allow this stopping point to continue stopping you?

Breaking Through Your Stopping Point

You can absolutely SHIFT and break through your stopping point.

You can orchestrate your environment and your life so that this stopping point never stops you again.

But, first, you have to identify the core issue behind your stopping point.

Is your stopping point about being scared of having everything you want? Of having financial freedom? Of being truly visible? Of working with clients on a higher level, which raises the stakes and pressure? Of raising your fees and asking for what you’re really worth?

Once you understand the root issue behind your stopping point, you can be compassionate with yourself about it. After all, you’re a Divine Being but you’re also human! And your human system is designed to RESIST CHANGE, because change equals the unknown and the unknown often feels terrifying.

Your human system is designed to maintain the status quo and avoid change/the unknown at all costs.

So, shifting your stopping point requires your full awareness and a STRONG DESIRE to move beyond the status quo of your business and manifest your true ambitions and desires — whether that’s working with highly aligned clients, being featured on podcasts, publishing your book, or filling an online program.

Here are a few important steps you must take to break through your stopping point:

Clarify Your Desire. Figure out what it is you REALLY want. Not what you want based on what you believe you can have, or what someone else has told you you can have. Your true, highest-level, Divine desire. Allow it to be as BIG as it truly is.

Figure Out How Your Stopping Point Has Stopped You From Manifesting Your Desire. Ask yourself: when you’ve tried to manifest this thing in the past, what stopped you? Where did you experience resistance? What did your inner critic tell you about your desire that made you stop? (For example: that your desire was unrealistic, that you wouldn’t have enough time to manifest it, that it would take too much work, that you’re not good enough to make it happen, etc.)

Write Down & Burn the Messages From Your Inner Critic. Once you’ve identified the messages your inner critic made you believe the last time you stopped yourself from going for what you wanted, write them all down. Make a list of all those inner critic fears, judgments, and self-doubts. Then BURN the list. Remember that these messages are actually lies and not aligned with the Higher Truth of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Write Down Your Stopping Point & Put It Somewhere Visible. Take a post-it note and write down your stopping point. For example, you might write something like: “I stop myself when I have the opportunity to become more visible.” Or, “I stop myself when I decide to get more clients.” Or, “I stop myself when it’s time to sell/promote my services.” Or, “I stop myself right after a big manifestation – like selling out my programs – and subconsciously create a crisis to sabotage myself.”

Look at Your Stopping Point Every Day & Make the Conscious Choice to Move Beyond It. Ultimately, shifting beyond your stopping point is done gradually, over time, through a lot of small and big choices. Every day, when you make a choice for your business, ask yourself: am I choosing in alignment with my Higher Self and my true desires, or am I allowing my stopping point to get in the way again?

Of course, the change won’t happen overnight. It will take practice, courage, and making new choices.

It will require going beyond your comfort zone.

It will require trying things that won’t work out (it happens to all of us!) and taking risks.

But that’s the path of the spiritual entrepreneur. And you will learn so much about yourself and your business as you take these actions.

You will learn how to show up for your business, your clients, and yourself in a much more conscious, intentional, and powerful way.

So, what will you choose today, tomorrow, and every day from now on… allowing your stopping point to hold you back OR consciously taking actions that you know will help you grow and get you closer to everything you truly want?

With love,

If you’re ready to identify what’s stopping you and shift beyond it, you can schedule a free discovery call. I’d love to connect, talk about your business goals, and discover if we’d be a good fit working together.


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