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When your manifestation doesn’t feel aligned anymore

Have you ever had the experience of *finally* manifesting something you thought you really wanted – maybe something you dreamt about for years – and then…

… it just wasn’t what you expected?

… it disappointed you?

… it didn’t make you feel the way you thought it would?

… or it fulfilled you at one point but it just doesn’t feel aligned anymore?

This experience can be frustrating, disheartening, and even alarming as you wonder, is there something wrong with me? Why isn’t this fulfilling me?

The good news is: you’re human!

Your Deepest Purpose is Expansion

As an infinite Soul inhabiting a human body, part of your deepest purpose in this lifetime is to EXPAND. Continually. All the time.

The life force that runs through you, which is animated by Divine Source, is always moving you towards expansion. Your life force needs and thrives on expansion to sustain itself.

This is why people often become stagnant, bored, dissatisfied, or sick when they lose a sense of forward momentum in their lives – for example, when they retire, when they stop traveling, when they get stuck in a predictable routine without seeking new experiences or growth.

So what does this have to do with manifesting something you thought you wanted, but that didn’t fulfill you or is no longer aligned with you?

Here’s the key thing to remember:

When you set an intention to manifest something, and you take the required actions to make it happen…

… whether what you’re trying to manifest is a relationship, a friendship, a new career, more money, a new car, a new house, whatever else…

you’re doing so from your level of consciousness at that particular point in time. And you’re doing it with the information and understanding of yourself and of life you have in that moment.

Once you’ve actually manifested “the thing” – whatever it was – you might realize, oh, this doesn’t actually feel the way I thought it would.

Or, oh, this actually doesn’t fix the problem I thought I had (when I didn’t have this).

Or, oh, who I am today doesn’t really resonate with this thing or experience anymore.

Or, oh, it was fun to manifest that at the time, but my Soul is calling me towards something else now.

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. It doesn’t mean you’re too restless, never satisfied, selfish, or flawed. It just means you’re changing.

Allowing Your Identity to Evolve

Your identity is evolving, and you’re discovering new things about yourself and what you really want (and what you don’t want).

All of this is ok. It’s ok to realize your manifestation isn’t fulfilling you, and to desire something else.

It’s ok to fall out of alignment with something you once really enjoyed, really wanted, or thought you needed.

It’s ok to be with yourself in the NOW moment and honestly allow your feelings to be whatever they are. It’s also ok to notice the desire in you to shift gears, to course correct, to leave something or start something. To want to change your reality again and manifest something else.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling dissatisfied with whatever it is you’ve manifested. These will help you get some clarity on how to move forward:

  • Which part of me set the intention and really wanted to manifest this particular thing? Think about the part of you that had this desire back then, before you actually manifested this. Was it truly your Higher Self, or was it a more limited part of you such as your inner perfectionist, inner critic, inner overachiever, or ego self?
  • What did I think I would feel – or expect to feel – once I manifested this? How do my real feelings now differ from those imagined or desired feelings?
  • What problem did I think this manifestation would solve? Did it solve that problem? Or was it perhaps not such a problem at all, looking back? Or has this manifestation created new problems for me?
  • Which part of me is desiring something else now (something other than what I’ve manifested)? Is this my Higher Self calling me towards expansion, or is this my ego self never feeling content or satisfied with what I already have? Be radically honest when answering this question. It’s important to understand what part of you is driving you forward to manifest something new or something different.
    • Typically, you can tell it’s your ego self driving you forward if you feel extremely restless, impatient, or desperate to manifest something. Especially if this part of you is believing this new manifestation will somehow “fix” all of your problems. (It likely won’t.)
    • If it’s your Higher Self driving you forward, you’ll feel lit up by this desire, more alive, vibrant, excited, and eager to take the necessary actions to manifest it.

Aligning with Your Deepest Desires Now

If you need more help going within to explore what your Soul is desiring now and what new manifestation you might be called to create, I invite you to journey into the Akashic Records with me so we can figure this out together.

I recently created this Guided Healing Journey into the Akashic Records.

In this 40-minute journey:

  • I introduce you to the Records: what they are, how they work, how you can best use them for personal healing
  • We enter a meditative, receptive state to open your Records together
  • I help you formulate a specific question, which you can ask to receive guidance/insights
  • You’ll experience the Pool of Transmutation inside the Records – a healing space where you can release a specific issue, worry, or conflict

The benefits are compounded each time you use this resource – you’ll receive healing on emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual levels every time.

In the meantime –

May you find peace.
May you give yourself compassion and love.
May you discover what your Soul is yearning for now, and ease-fully create that for yourself.

With love,

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