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Who are you beyond your ego?

The Weekly Seeker #15

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WHO are you here to be…

… beyond the agendas, attachments, and unconscious patterns of your ego self?

These unconscious agendas and patterns prevent you from being your authentic self, and from creating the life you’re truly here to experience.

Some of these ego patterns include:

  • Trying to please or impress everyone
  • Trying to be liked by everyone
  • Trying to avoid rejection or disappointment at all costs
  • Trying to fly under the radar (i.e., not rocking the boat)
  • Trying to get your self-worth, validation, or approval from others
  • Hiding who you really are (i.e., hiding your opinions, desires, ideas, gifts, point of view, etc)
  • Trying to achieve “success” in the way your culture, family, or society measures it (even if it goes against your inner alignment, purpose, and/or desires)
  • Pretending to be less smart, strong, powerful, talented, funny, or abundant than you actually are (maybe to avoid “leaving others behind”)

These are just a few.

Do you see yourself in any of them?

Can you think back to ways in which these patterns have held you back, kept you trapped, and obscured your vibrant authentic self?

You are here to BE much more than these patterns.

You’re here to break through these patterns and liberate yourself.

This is part of your life’s work.

So, when you get down to it – WHO are you here to be, truly, beyond and above these egoic patterns and attachments?

Who are you, at your most authentic and essential level?

Who are you, at your most DIVINE level?

And from that highest aspect of yourself – your true Self – what are you here to do with your life?

We can waste so much time allowing these egoic patterns to derail, confuse, agitate, and trigger us.

If we allow them, they trip us up and make us choose, behave, and think reactively. They make us struggle.

They make us lose sight of WHO we really are, at our highest and most truthful Divine level.

As we blindly follow the unconscious whims and triggers of our ego self, we waste precious time – the time we have to make this lifetime count.

To make something meaningful of our lives. To come into full alignment with our highest purpose(s) for being here.

So, our guiding questions for the next few days are:

  • Who am I, TRULY, beyond and above the patterns and whims and attachments of my ego self?
  • From that higher level of myself, what am I here to DO?

These are often not questions we can answer instantly, or with perfect clarity or certainty.

Sometimes it takes time to chew on them… let them marinate… consciously ponder them… journal about them… use your preferred spiritual tool (the Akashic Records, if you’re like me!) to explore them.

Your answers to these questions will begin to emerge if you give yourself permission – unconditional permission – to get to know the REAL YOU.

To acknowledge the REAL YOU and allow her (or him) to rise to the surface and come into the light of day.

It is your time to be seen, to be heard, to be known for who you really are.

So let’s move forward together, being who we really are… and shedding more ego patterns along the way.

With love, your friend,

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