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Akashic Records Level 1 Course

Learn how to read your own Akashic Records in this self-paced course. We'll cover topics like how to open and develop your intuitive channels, how to release ego resistance and surrender to the process of connecting to the Records, how to use the Akashic portal & closing prayers, and how to formulate powerful + illuminating questions for the Records.

Investment: $247

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Akashic Records Certification Program

Become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner through my comprehensive training program. Unlike many programs out there, I teach this completely 1:1 so you get individualized support and guidance every step of the way. This training covers levels 1-3 of Akashic Records mastery. Certification is available once all training + practice requirements are met.

Investment: $2200

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Akashic Records Healing Sessions

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your Divine Purpose in this lifetime and how you can express it. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the root causes of issues in your current lifetime.

*I'm typically booked for a month in advance. Only 8 sessions available per month; please reach out ASAP if you're interested to claim your spot

Investment: $197 for 75 minutes

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21 Days to Heal Perfectionism + Hypervigilance

This self-paced email course gives you the framework you need to free yourself from the suffocating grip of perfectionism and hypervigilance. We'll work on figuring out why you developed these patterns in the first place, what perfectionism and hypervigilance have been "protecting" you from, how to soothe and regulate your nervous system, and how to make it ok for you to be imperfect... and even messy.

Reclaim the part of you that longs to color outside the lines... the Wild One, the Creator, the Healer, the Rebel.

Investment: $197

Spiritual Hygiene: A Daily Routine - get my guide here

Spiritual Hygiene:

A Daily Routine

Staying connected, grounded, and clear can be challenging

as you navigate life in a human body.

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