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Akashic Records Certification Program

learn to powerfully read the akashic records for yourself + others
become a certified akashic records practitioner

next round begins July 30, 2024

Imagine being able to...

through the Akashic Records...

  • Tap into the universal field of Highest Consciousness (a.k.a. the Akashic Field) at any time

  • Connect to a source of Divine Wisdom that can clear away limiting patterns and beliefs at the speed of light (without YEARS of talk therapy or endless “working on yourself”)

  • Use the Akashic Records as a tool of QUANTUM HEALING to clear away your own “stuff” (fear, resistance, self-doubt, second-guessing, overthinking, overgiving) so you can confidently show up for your clients

  • Grow a thriving business that truly supports and nourishes you – and allows you to do your highest-level healing work

  • Help your clients get life-changing insights and results, so they keep coming back AND referring you to everyone they know

  • TURN ON your deepest inner guidance and feel more connected to Divine Source than ever before

This experience is meant for you if...

  • You're committed to holding space for others in empathic, intuitive, transformative ways
  • Your core values include integrity, co-creation & freedom
  • You're ready to step into your sovereignty and power as a healer, coach, conscious leader, or spiritual practitioner
  • You're being called to upgrade your practitioner skills 
  • You want to attract clients who are ready to do the work for themselves and truly collaborate with you (instead of wanting you to "fix" them)
  • You're eager to tap into the power and wisdom of the Akashic Records to help your clients get life-changing results
  • You want to feel more centered, confident, and grounded while doing client work
  • You're ready to position yourself as a leading Akashic Records practitioner

Answering the call of the Akashic Records...

Have the Akashic Records been calling you?

That call is never accidental.

The Akashic Records, or the Book of Life, are a storehouse or archive of information about your Soul's evolutionary journey (and information about each time your Soul incarnated into human form).

Accessing the Records, you can discover information about your past lives, in-between life agreements, soul purpose, current patterns and challenges, and why you're here in this particular lifetime.

If you're reading these words right now, there is no accident or coincidence - it's time to step fully into your healing gifts and use this divine tool to help and empower not only yourself but also other people.

It's time to stop playing small and fully embody your Divine nature.

It's time to help yourself + others stop looking for answers, validation, or approval outside of ourselves.

It's time to step into your leadership as a powerful healer.

Whether you already have a spiritual business or you know you're meant to start one, this training program will prepare you to work with clients effectively through the Akashic Records.

"This class more than introduced me to the Records, it changed my life! I've developed a whole new skill to bring to my existing work & help my clients. I couldn't be more thrilled."

- Robin Barnes, Certification student '2023

"This program gave me the tools and confidence to give readings professionally. Now, when I have a session scheduled with a client, I can relax knowing that I'm being guided by divine purpose."

- W. Fogarty, Certification student '2021

What makes this program exceptionally different

There's great responsibility in working with the Akashic Records as a healer, delivering information and insights to clients.

Holding space for others and facilitating healing requires you to develop a full set of skills, as well as the ability to be fully present with your clients - and with yourself.

For this reason, I deliver this Certification Program in a highly personalized, immersive setting.

It’s important to me to be with you every step of the way as a guide, mentor, and teacher.

This training is different because you’ll receive comprehensive training in the Akashic Records from a teacher with a decade of both college-level teaching experience and firsthand knowledge of how to work with the Records in client sessions. 

I will teach you specific techniques and healing protocols for working with the Records in service of your current & future clients.

This training will also serve as a deep healing experience for you on both personal and professional levels. Together in this supportive, non-judgmental community, we’ll work through any wounds, past life contracts & vows, blocks, self-doubt, and resistance that come up for you as we move through the training.

No other Akashic Records Certification Program offers this level of education, personal mentorship, and deep healing simultaneously.

This hands-on mentorship experience is what's needed to do Akashic Records healing work with your clients in the most ethical, empowering, and responsible way.

You have two options for completing the program: doing the Fundamentals track or the Advanced Mastery track. You can review the options below.

Next round begins July 30, 2024.

Please contact me to get all the details.

Akashic Records open book with light coming out

What you'll get

  • two options to complete program: Fundamentals Track (15 weeks of live training) or Advanced Mastery Track (28 weeks of live training)
  • Akashic Records templates, protocols, and written guides (100+ pages)
  • personalized feedback on all assignments
  • option to become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner (pending certification requirements)
  • private Facebook group to connect with other students, ask questions, and exchange readings
  • opportunities to practice our tools & techniques with fellow students in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment


Week 1: Orientation and Setting Intentions
Week 2: Grounding + Safety to Access the Records
Week 3: Foundations in the Akashic Records, Part 1
Week 4: Foundations in the Akashic Records, Part 2
Week 5: First 3 Openings of the Records
Week 6: Formulating Impactful Questions for the Records
Week 7: Fine-tuning Your Capacity to Receive Information
Week 8: Additional Pathways into the Records
Week 9: Reading for Clients, Part 1
Week 10: Reading for Clients, Part 2
Week 11: Reading for Clients, Part 3
Week 12: Energy Protection for Healers
Week 13: Past Lives, Part 1
Week 14: Past Lives, Part 2
Week 15: Past Lives, Part 3 & Future Visioning through the Records


Includes Fundamentals Track PLUS:

Week 16: Soul Contracts, Part 1
Week 17: Soul Contracts, Part 2
Week 18: Ethical Shadow Work through the Records, Part 1
Week 19: Ethical Shadow Work through the Records, Part 2
Week 20: Ways of Delivering Client Readings
Week 21: Ancestral & Family Lineage Healing
Week 22: Deeper Healing Work with Clients, Part 1
Week 23: Deeper Healing Work with Clients, Part 2
Week 24: Expanding Your Healing Business, Part 1
Week 25: Expanding Your Healing Business, Part 2
Week 26: Expanding Your Healing Business, Part 3
Week 27: Expanding Your Healing Business, Part 4
Week 28: Mastery Track Closure


Download the FULL program curriculum here:

Akashic Records Certification Program - Curriculum

What students are saying...

In the Certification Program, we addressed some things I'd been working on for 20 years (in my personal healing). With your new input, I was able to resolve those long-standing issues. This allowed me to open up and trust myself. I really appreciated the freedom you brought into the program, and all the additional modalities and tools we learned that can be applied with the Records. It was just priceless.

Click here to view student's video testimonial.

Penny Murray

I’ve grown so much through this program. It’s given me so much confidence, excitement, and openness to pursue my soul callings. I've been able to heal self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and some ancestral and family patterns that came up to be released.

As a result of doing the program, my connection to the Akashic Records has become very strong and stable. I've learned that I can trust the Records unconditionally and that they will give me exactly what I need in each moment.

Click here to view student's video testimonial.

Meaghan Szilagyi

This program gave me confidence in getting and trusting higher guidance. I walked away with a deeper connection to a Divine source [the Akashic Records] that has helped me understand my life purpose and step fully into that purpose. I can put no price on how this program has absolutely changed my life, my energy, and my vibrational set point.

Click here to view student's video testimonial.

Jessie Hearns

The Akashic Records Program taught me how to trust my inner voice and knowing. How to recognize and work through blocks and get past the river of self-doubt so that I can connect with my Higher knowing and Divine guidance, which is our birthright. All of the protocols we covered are very important and necessary but the most important part for me has been the undivided attention, reassurance, and coaching through this process. Josephine was always completely present for our sessions and responsive to any issues, concerns, or experiences I shared. And the responses were thoughtful and full of insight. I'm very grateful.

Katy Chappell

The Akashic Records Certification Program more than introduced me to the Records; it changed my life! I’ve developed a whole new skill to bring to my existing work and help my clients. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Robin Barnes

In the Akashic Records Certification Program, I loved the discussion of my practice sessions, both accessing the Records solo and when I worked with a practice subject. It was so helpful to discuss how it feels to access the Records, how to get more information, and how to clarify your questions. The feedback and support from Josephine made reading the Records feel really approachable and possible

This program was essential in providing the tools needed to access the Records. It was clear, approachable, and provided an incredible depth of knowledge. It made something really abstract, very clear and tangible. I loved that we discussed how to work with the Records in my personal and professional life and integrated that into the program. 

Dr. Alyssa Adams

The most helpful part of the Akashic Records Program was the fact that you were holding such a clear, solid, and pure container of integrity and honoring of the deep work with the Records. Having this sacred foundation be the container for the program allowed for everything else to unfold in a deep, clear, and transformational way. The program helped me meet all my goals. I am now able to: 1) Read my own Akashic Records, 2) Read others' Akashic Records and support them in realizing their life purpose, and 3) Facilitate contract/cord cuttings and be a clear channel for this.

Sara Arredondo

Having Josephine's mentorship throughout the Akashic Records Program proved to be extremely valuable to me. This helped me build confidence in myself with reading the Records (very quickly). I cannot stress enough how empowering this has been in my healing journey. Also, in terms of giving professional readings in the future, this has given me such healing in having deeper interactions with people as well as the confidence in being able to do this for others.

Jen Fena

I had been feeling a pull to learn the Akashic Records and to become a reader for a few years. I tried to learn on my own but was feeling frustrated at my lack of progress.

I'm so glad I signed up for the Akashic Records Certification Program with Josephine. As a teacher, she just naturally has a great, straightforward, no-nonsense way of communicating that I appreciate. The program opened up and accelerated so much more for me than trying to learn on my own. I feel I was put on the right path when I discovered and joined this program.

Vera Takakura

One of the things I was hoping to get out of this class [AR Certification Program] was a boost of confidence when it comes to reading the Records for others. I definitely got that! I do feel more prepared now to offer my clients truly transformational sessions. The thoughtful prompts that Josephine gave were just the thing to help me with my own healing in the Records too.


The Akashic Records Certification Program gave me the tools and the confidence to give readings professionally. Now, when I have a session scheduled with a client, I can relax knowing that I am being guided by divine purpose, and that I am meant to help the right people at the right time.

One of the most important things I learned (and this was through the teaching and the experience) is that it is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. We deal with really vulnerable topics in our clients' lives, and not everything that we share with them is going to be "positive." By embracing discomfort, however, the work is truly transformational and can completely change the lives of others. After completing the certification, I have decided to give professional readings and coach others on how to open their Records.

William Fogarty

Through the Akashic Records Program, my intuition has expanded more than I could have ever imagined. The program allowed me to be non-judgmental about the way I do my readings. Trusting what I see and feel. It feels more empowering.

Jazmine Lopez

The Akashic Records Certification Program taught me how to trust myself, how to break past life contracts, and allowed me to express my own individual touch in reading others.

It helped me understand how each individual reading is different and how each time I access the Records for myself, I am different. I am now planning on using the Records as part of my professional practice.

Heather Faucette

Josephine has a way of making learning easy and is very supportive and informative. The Akashic Records Program was an excellent experience for me and I would highly recommend it. I feel that I got a very important tool to help guide me in my life. Josephine is the "real deal" and her intuitive abilities are so helpful. I can't wait to see what she offers next.

Kathy Adams

I knew Josephine was the one I was going to work with as I was called to start my Akashic Records journey. I wanted to learn effective healing protocols and how the Records worked. Also how to access them for myself and others. I learned this and so much more. 

Josephine tailored her feedback to my natural abilities and helped me expand on skills that I didn't know were laying dormant until I really got into it all. I never felt overwhelmed. I know I will be working with her again.

Sine Mairi

I'm very glad I took the Akashic Records Program. The information was presented to me clearly through Josephine's direct and down-to-earth approach to the subject. She shared her knowledge and experience in such a way that it was not intimidating at all. I've been able to experience better meditation than ever, and I feel much more grounded and understanding of my journey

Stacey Harvey

Josephine Hardman intuitive healer business coach

My journey with the Akashic Records

Hello! I’m Josephine. I have a Ph.D. in English Literature and I taught college for 10 years before leaving academia to do spiritual work full-time. I’m also a second-generation intuitive healer. It was my mother who first introduced me to the power, depth, and healing energy of the Akashic Records. When I was 17, my mom (an energy healer and psychotherapist at the time) taught me how to read my own Records so I would have access to powerful guidance for the rest of my life.

Later on, in 2012, I decided to become certified as an Akashic Records Reader. Soon after, I started giving readings to friends and relatives. The word quickly spread and I realized that it was part of my Soul Mission to use the Records professionally to help others awaken, heal, and remember who they truly are. It is now my pleasure and honor to teach this powerful healing tool to others as we all work together to elevate consciousness on the planet.

I blend my Akashic Records work with energy healing, Matrix Energetics, Psychosynthesis coaching, and trauma-informed somatic approaches to help my students heal themselves and develop a sound, grounded, psychospiritual toolkit to assist their own clients.

Next round begins July 30, 2024

Please contact me to get all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This certification program is in-depth, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and contains all levels of Akashic Records mastery. In fact, we cover WAY more topics and healing techniques than most Akashic Records programs out there.

I deliver it as one cohesive program to make it more convenient.

If you're only interested in learning how to read your own Akashic Records (but not necessarily offer readings to others), you can explore my Akashic Records Level 1 Course.

No problem! If you feel called to my program now, you are absolutely welcome to enroll.

I've had many students complete my program after taking other Akashic Record trainings. Some of them wanted additional content or guidance, and others felt the previous courses they took didn't go deep enough or didn't fully resonate.

Either way, whether you bring previous Akashic Record knowledge or not, this program will be a welcoming space for you and will provide everything you need to master the Akashic Records. I will make sure of it!

Becoming certified gives you a certain degree of credibility, professionalism, and ethical standards as an Akashic Records Practitioner. It signals to your clients that you're serious about your work and that you've completed a rigorous training program, including a required number of practice readings on yourself and others.

Certification in the Akashic Records can become a great asset and valuable investment as you build or expand your spiritual business.

To get certified, you'll have to complete this training program and a number of practice hours (i.e., reading for yourself and others and submitting reports of each practice reading). The certification requirements are different for each track.

We'll cover this in depth during our first meeting.

Typically, the program schedule has been Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern. Meetings last 80 minutes.

Students are highly encouraged to attend all program meetings LIVE, to get the most out of this experience.

If you need to miss more than FOUR (4) meetings due to scheduling conflicts, I recommend waiting for a future round of the program where you can commit fully.

All Zoom meetings will be recorded so students can review the material multiple times.

Great! I'd be happy to answer your questions. Please email me at or schedule a discovery call above.

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