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Akashic Records Certification Program

learn to powerfully access the records for yourself + others
become a certified Akashic Records practitioner

enrollment is open for january 2024

In these challenging times, learn how to serve others and facilitate healing + transformation through the Akashic Records.

This experience is meant for you if...

  • You're committed to holding space for others in empathic, intuitive, transformative ways
  • Your core values include integrity, co-creation & freedom
  • You're ready to step into your sovereignty and power as a healer/coach
  • You're being called to upgrade your skills as a practitioner, healer, or coach
  • You want to attract clients who are ready to do the work for themselves and truly collaborate with you (instead of wanting you to "fix" them)
  • You're eager to tap into the power and wisdom of the Akashic Records to help your clients get life-changing results
  • You want to feel more centered, confident, and grounded while doing client work
  • You're ready to position yourself as a leading Akashic Records practitioner

Answering the call of the Akashic Records...

Have the Akashic Records been calling you?

That call is never accidental.

The Akashic Records, or the Book of Life, are a storehouse or archive of information about your Soul's evolutionary journey (and information about each time your Soul incarnated into human form).

Accessing the Records, you can discover information about your past lives, in-between life agreements, soul purpose, current patterns and challenges, and why you're here in this particular lifetime.

If you're reading these words right now, there is no accident or coincidence - it's time to step fully into your healing gifts and use this divine tool to help and empower not only yourself but also other people.

It's time to stop playing small and fully embody your Divine nature.

It's time to help yourself + others stop looking for answers, validation, or approval outside of ourselves.

It's time to step into your leadership as a powerful healer.

Whether you already have a spiritual business or you know you're meant to start one, this training program will prepare you to work with clients effectively through the Akashic Records.

"This class more than introduced me to the Records, it changed my life! I've developed a whole new skill to bring to my existing work & help my clients. I couldn't be more thrilled." - Robin Barnes, Certification student in 2023

What makes this program exceptionally different

There is great responsibility in working with the Akashic Records as a healer, delivering information and insights to clients.

Holding space for others and facilitating healing requires you to develop a full set of skills, as well as the ability to be fully present with your clients - and with yourself.

For this reason, I deliver this Certification Program in a highly personalized, small group setting over four months (17 weekly meetings total).

It’s important to me to be with you every step of the way as a guide, mentor, and teacher.

This training is different because you’ll receive comprehensive training in the Akashic Records from a teacher with a decade of both college-level teaching experience and firsthand knowledge of how to work with the Records in client sessions. 

I will teach you specific techniques and healing protocols for working with the Records in service of your current & future clients.

Due to the small group setting, this training will also serve as a deep healing experience for you on both personal and professional levels. Together in this supportive, non-judgmental community, we’ll work through any wounds, past life contracts & vows, blocks, self-doubt, and resistance that come up for you as we move through the training.

No other Akashic Records Certification Program out there offers this level of education, personal mentorship, and deep healing simultaneously.

This advanced mentorship experience is what's needed to do Akashic Records healing work with your clients in the most ethical, empowering, and responsible way.

I'm committed to you walking away from the program feeling empowered and equipped to do client work... so I include 3 BONUS months of support (once per month) after the program ends. This provides you with ongoing support and continuity as you begin seeing clients and/or incorporating the Akashic Records into your existing business.

Enrollment is open for January 2024.

To get all the details and submit an application, please contact me.

Akashic Records open book with light coming out

What you'll receive:

  • 17 weekly Zoom trainings - we'll cover the program content and address your questions in real time
  • opportunities to exchange readings and practice the techniques with other students - to build your confidence and reading skills in a safe, non-judgmental space
  • personal feedback from me on all assignments
  • comprehensive Akashic Records templates, protocols & written guides
  • Akashic Records Practitioner certification (pending successful completion of certification requirements)
  • additional trainings in facilitating client sessions - we'll cover energy healing, ancestral trauma, soul contracts, psychosynthesis theory AND MORE
  • private Facebook group to connect with fellow students and ask questions

  • BONUS - 60-minute video demo where I conduct a full Akashic Records session (insider's view into how I apply the techniques with a real client)
  • BONUS - 3 months of additional support (once per month) after the program ends



Program Curriculum

**PLEASE NOTE: if you've already taken my Akashic Records Level 1 Course, there's a discounted rate for the Practitioner Certification. Please email me or request a discovery call to discuss this. Thank you!

  • MODULE 1: Orientation & Welcome
  • MODULE 2: Foundations in the Akashic Records, Part 1
  • MODULE 3: Foundations in the Akashic Records, Part 2
  • MODULE 4: Group share (first 3 openings of the Records)
  • MODULE 5: Fine-tuning Your Intuition to Receive Clear Information
  • MODULE 6: Reading for Others, Part 1
  • MODULE 7: Reading for Others, Part 2
  • MODULE 8: Past Lives, Part 1
  • MODULE 9: Past Lives, Part 2
  • MODULE 10: Soul Contracts
  • MODULE 11: Doing Shadow Work through the Records
  • MODULE 12: Delivery Options for Client Readings & Tips for Group Akashic Record Readings
  • MODULE 13: Ancestral & Family Healing
  • MODULE 14: Doing Healing Work with Clients, Part 1
  • MODULE 15: Doing Healing Work with Clients, Part 2
  • MODULE 16: Identifying & Attracting Your Soulmate Clients
  • MODULE 17: Program Closure


---> Download the FULL program curriculum here:

Akashic Records Practitioner Certification Curriculum

Josephine Hardman intuitive healer business coach

My journey with the Akashic Records

Hello! I’m Josephine. I have a Ph.D. in English Literature and I taught college for 10 years before starting my spiritual business. I’m also a second-generation intuitive healer. It was my mom who first introduced me to the power, depth, and healing energy of the Akashic Records. When I was a teenager, my mom (an energy healer and psychotherapist at the time) taught me how to read my own Records so I would have access to powerful guidance for the rest of my life.

Later on, in 2012, I decided to become certified as an Akashic Records Reader. Soon after, I started giving readings to friends and relatives. The word quickly spread and I realized that it was part of my Soul Mission to use the Records professionally to help others awaken, heal, and remember who they truly are. It is now my pleasure and honor to teach this powerful healing tool to others as we all work together to elevate consciousness on the planet.

What Prior Students Are Saying...

Contact me to enroll


Enrollment into the next round of the program in 2024 is by application. Please contact me below to get all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This certification program is in-depth, comprehensive, and contains all levels of Akashic Records mastery. I deliver it as one cohesive program to make it more convenient.

If you're only interested in learning how to read your own Akashic Records (but not necessarily offer readings to others), you can explore my Akashic Records Level 1 Course.

Great! If you've already taken my Akashic Records Level 1 Course, there's a discounted rate for the Practitioner Certification.

Please request a discovery call above or email me to talk about this.

No problem! If you feel called to my program now, you are absolutely welcome to enroll.

I've had many students complete my program after taking other Akashic Record trainings. Some of them wanted additional content or guidance, and others felt the previous courses they took didn't go deep enough or didn't fully resonate.

Either way, whether you bring previous Akashic Record knowledge or not, this program will be a welcoming space for you and will provide everything you need to master the Akashic Records. I will make sure of it!

Becoming certified gives you a certain degree of credibility, professionalism, and ethical standards as an Akashic Records Practitioner. It signals to your clients that you're serious about your work and that you've completed a rigorous training program, including a required number of practice readings on yourself and others.

Certification in the Akashic Records can become a great asset and valuable investment as you build or expand your spiritual business.

To get certified, you'll have to complete this training program and a number of practice hours (i.e., reading for yourself and others and submitting reports of each practice reading). We'll cover this in depth during our first meeting.

Typically, the program schedule has been Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern. Meetings last 80 minutes.

Students are highly encouraged to attend all program meetings LIVE, to get the most out of this experience.

If you need to miss more than FOUR (4) meetings due to scheduling conflicts, I recommend waiting for a future round of the program where you can commit fully.

All Zoom meetings will be recorded so students can review the material multiple times.

Great! I'd be happy to answer your questions. Please email me at [email protected] or schedule a discovery call above.