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Learn how to access your Akashic Records for personal healing, transformation, and spiritual evolution in this self-paced training course


Learn to...

Access your own Akashic Records

Tap into Divine Guidance on command

Make decisions more quickly and confidently

Stop looking for answers outside of yourself

Understand your Soul's evolutionary journey and purpose

Create a more meaningful & soul-aligned life

Heal old patterns, wounds and blocks

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are often referred to as the "Book of Life."

You can think of the Records as a vast, ever-changing library of all human actions, deeds, and thoughts – across all dimensions of time and space.

Whenever your Soul makes the choice to incarnate into physical form (by coming down to Earth in a physical body), a new “chapter” in your personal Record is created. The same is true for all humans.

The Records can give you information about your past lives, decisions you made in the past (and why you made them), past life contracts and vows, karmic relationships, your Soul’s overall journey, and your specific Soul Mission in this lifetime.

You can ask the Records questions about ANY topic imaginable: career, relationships, finances, health, business, and more!

The Records can also help you uncover the root of old patterns, addictions, and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can work through these issues and heal them.

By having access to the Records, you can deeply understand and release limitations in your life such as not being able to manifest a fulfilling relationship or career, not making enough money, or sabotaging your efforts to grow your business.

Have the Akashic Records been calling you?

Before they dive into this course, I often hear from my Akashic Records students that they’ve felt a clear pull to the Records.
Is this true for you as well?
Maybe you’ve seen the name “Akashic Records” in a few different places recently.
Or you read a book about the Records and it made you feel emotional or like you were finally “home.”
Or you’ve heard about the Records for many years and now feels like the time to dive in for yourself.
If you’ve been hearing the call of the Records, rest assured – it is not accidental. It is not a coincidence.
(And the timing is not accidental either!)
The Record Keepers are calling you.
This call means that one of your soul-level missions in this lifetime is to use the Records to heal, transform, and empower yourself.

"This program was essential in providing the tools needed to access the Records. It was clear, approachable, and provided an incredible depth of knowledge. It made something really abstract, very clear and tangible."

- Dr. Alyssa Adams

Course Modules

MODULE 1: Introduction to the Course

  • Energetic foundations - how to set your most powerful intentions for this work
  • Course mantra - your pathway in
  • How to create safety for your nervous system to do spiritual work
  • Releasing past life fears of your intuitive gifts
  • Third eye clearing & activation

MODULE 2: What are the Akashic Records?

  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • The 4 Akashic Record Principles: The core values & mindset that will facilitate your work with the Records 
  • Meeting the Record Keepers
  • BONUS MATERIAL: life & work of mystic Edgar Cayce

MODULE 3: Accessing + Navigating the Akashic Records

  • How to create the most effective questions to unlock healing
  • Akashic Records Portal Prayer & Closing Prayer
  • Akashic Records self-reading protocol
  • Your first 3 openings of the Records

MODULE 4: Clearing Out Ego Mind + Opening to Receive

  • How to receive information and guidance from the Records
  • Discovering and nurturing the four intuitive channels
  • The “extra” channel to release resistance
  • How to move through challenges in working with the Records
  • How to recognize ego mind patterns and release interference

MODULE 5: Expanded Options + Course Closure

  • How to work with the Records beyond this course
  • Celebrating your gifts + expanding the container to go deeper
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My journey with the Akashic Records

Hello! I’m Josephine. I have a Ph.D. in English Literature and I taught college for 10 years before starting my spiritual business. I’m also a second-generation intuitive healer. It was my mom who first introduced me to the power, depth, and healing energy of the Akashic Records. When I was a teenager, my mom (an energy healer and psychotherapist at the time) taught me how to read my own Records so I would have access to powerful guidance for the rest of my life.

Later on, in 2012, I decided to become certified as an Akashic Records Reader. Soon after, I started giving readings to friends and relatives. The word quickly spread and I realized that it was part of my Soul Mission to use the Records professionally to help others awaken, heal, and remember who they truly are. It is now my pleasure and honor to teach this powerful healing tool to others as we all work together to elevate consciousness on the planet.

Akashic Records Program - Student Testimonials


Level 1 Training Breakdown

  • 12 pre-recorded audios
  • 1 instructional video
  • 9 PDF guides & worksheets
  • Email support as you move through the training (for real-time assistance with questions or challenges)

*Please note:
when you purchase the course, I will personally send you a welcome email and grant you access to the course platform and materials. Please allow 4-8 hours for this welcome email to arrive. And make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it within that timeframe. Thank you!


Ready to access the highest level of Divine Guidance and learn how to read your own Akashic Records?

You can begin this self-paced course whenever you're ready to take this profound step on your healing and spiritual path.

I recommend moving through the course at a pace that works for you, as you follow your own intuition. Make sure to allow sufficient time in between modules to fully absorb the information and integrate any experiences you have with the Records.

I can't wait for you to get started!

Please note: when you purchase the course, I will personally send you a welcome email and grant you access to the course platform and materials. Please allow 4-8 hours for this email to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You might not consider yourself a "psychic" or "medium" but you DO have extrasensory abilities (we all do). These abilities include being able to sense the energy in a room, visualize certain images when you meditate, and connect to Divine Guidance through your intuition.

The point of this class is to develop your intuitive abilities at your own rhythm and in a safe space. You don't have to be a psychic or medium to work with the Records, and no prior “psychic” experience is required.

Absolutely! Prior experience with the Akashic Records is not required, but it can be helpful if you've already experimented with accessing the Records for yourself.

If you've learned or tried other ways of accessing the Records in the past, I ask you to keep an open mind and try the suggested methods and approaches in this course. These are based on best practices plus 10 years of experience working with the Records and guiding countless students through the process of learning how to access the Records for themselves.

There are many variations to the Portal Prayer that we can use to access the Akashic Records. You might be familiar with the "Pathway Process Prayer" from another teacher, or with other variations of the prayer from other sources.

The Portal Prayer I teach in this course was passed down to me by my own mentors & teachers at Sanctuary Healing Arts.

However, the prayer I will teach you is not copyrighted nor is it a rigid requirement for you to follow the exact wording of this prayer. I will invite you to take ownership of your work and relationship with the Records and tweak the prayer as needed. I want the words of the prayer to resonate with you deeply. At any rate, what matters even MORE than the prayer itself is the intention with which you speak it.

I’m a second-generation intuitive healer and teacher. I became certified in the Akashic Records in 2012 and have been offering individual and group readings since then. I am also certified in energy healing and Reiki. 

Before starting my spiritual business, I taught college-level English and Literature for 10 years, so I bring all of my teaching and student mentoring experience to the table as well.

I will be available to answer your questions and help you navigate any challenges that come up via email. You can always reach out if needed. I'm at [email protected] 

This is a great question, and my take is a bit different.

I believe that the process of someone else attuning you to the energy of the Records (or any energy, for that matter) is part of an old paradigm where we make the teacher or "master" an authority figure. By asking someone else to "attune" us, we are giving them our power and not believing that we can become attuned ourselves.

No one outside of yourself can attune you to the energy of the Akashic Records. You have the power to do this yourself. (In particular, I recommend that you never pay someone money to "attune" you!) Becoming attuned - or receptive - to the energy of the Records is a personal process of inner work, healing, and developing your own intuitive abilities. No one can do that except for you.

So, I do not offer any attunements in this course. I am here to serve as your guide and encourager, but I believe YOU can do the work of becoming attuned to the Records yourself. I will give you all the tools and methods you need to do that successfully.

No. This self-paced course is designed specifically for people wishing to learn how to access their own Akashic Records for personal healing.

It is not advisable (or ethical) to use the material contained in this course to offer readings to other people. This is because there's a huge amount of responsibility and ethical considerations that go into reading for others. Further training is required to give readings to other people, especially training in how to deal with client's past life trauma and how to navigate the Records when giving information to clients.

If you wish to become a certified Akashic Records Reader and offer readings to others, I invite you to explore my one-on-one Certification Program

My highest intention is for you to be fully satisfied with this course, and I will support you in getting what you need and want out of it. Please reach out if you have any questions or issues as you move through the course.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are not available once the course has been purchased and the course materials have been accessed and/or downloaded.

If there's anything you need help with, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected]

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Learn how to access your own Akashic Records

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