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You have a role to play in the New World Order

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We’ve all been indoctrinated, to some degree or another, to the old world order.

This old world order is ruled (and fueled) by fear, confusion, power-over, and constant chaos.

The “rulers” of the old world order – including many of our politicians, “world leaders,” religious leaders, media corporations, and so forth – have sold to us, time and time again, two BIG and PAINFUL illusions:

The illusion of lack and the illusion of separation.

Through the illusion of lack, the old world paradigm has seduced us into believing things like:

  • There’s not enough to go around
  • If others have something, it means I get to have less
  • There are only win-lose scenarios (no room for win-win or healthy compromise)
  • It’s really hard to make money and/or keep it
  • Truly wealthy people are corrupt (because you *must* be corrupt to have lots of abundance)

The illusion of separation further cements all of these beliefs, as we buy into the idea that we’re all separate, completely individual, completely isolated from each other… and that others are actually “out to get us” in some way.

That other people are untrustworthy, or only looking out for themselves, or will stab us in the back as soon as they get a chance.

These beliefs are spread far and wide by the mainstream media, which the old world rulers often use to distract us. (Or to try to, anyway. Once you become savvy to this, they can’t distract you anymore.)

These 3D illusions of lack and separation – and ALL of the belief systems that go along with them – are used as egoic distractions to trigger us, disempower us, keep us focused on petty *stuff*…

… and, above all, keep us complacent in the status quo.

But – as you know –

The world order is changing. It has been changing for a while, and this process of change is only accelerating.

The old world order of chaos, confusion, and 3D illusion is being replaced, gradually but surely, by a new world order of harmonious co-existence, clarity, cooperation, Higher Truth, and Higher Consciousness.

In this new world order, we’re not indoctrinating each other or programming each other to believe unhelpful, disempowering things.

Instead, we’re participating actively in our awakening and evolution – for each of us as individual expressions of Universal Energy, and for ALL of us together as a whole. (Because, ultimately, there is noseparation.)

 I recently spoke with Rev. Michael Beckwith about the emergence of this new world order. He suggested that many of us are here to be “reporters of the new world.”

We’re also here to be leaders of the new world… ushering in, upholding, and living by the principles of integrity, openness, collaboration, thoughtfulness, presence, self-respect, and respect for all beings.

Each of us has a unique, irreplaceable, and meaningful role to play in the establishment of the new world order.

For example, I’m here to bring the Akashic Records as a tool of deep awakening, healing, and wisdom to as many people as possible.

What purpose are YOU here to fulfill in this extraordinary time of upheaval and change?

Remember that whatever role you’re here to play – no one else can do it.

Your mission here is essential, and only *you* have the required qualities, gifts, and life experience to carry it out. (This includes every single challenging experience that has prepared you along the way. Nothing is wasted.)

As you wake up tomorrow, at the break of a new day, I invite you to ask:

“Universe, I am an open vessel. Show me the next most aligned step on my path, so I may fulfill my purpose as clearly, powerfully, and joyfully as possible… for the highest good of ALL concerned.”

I’ll be reciting the same words.

With love,

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